9 ways to cope with the clocks going back

If you're struggling to get your child into a routine, you're probably dreading the clocks going back (it takes place on Sunday 30th October 2016 at 2am). Take courage - Mumsnetters have been there, reset the alarm clock, and survived to share their tips

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1. Plan it like a military campaign

"I adjust bedtime by 15 minutes the four nights before which minimises the bedtime bit. What kills me is my daughter will wake ultra early before children's TV has even started."

2. Or go rogue (within reason)

"We just put the clocks back sometime during the day on Saturday (around lunchtime, usually), so that we effectively keep the boys up for an extra hour that day. They don't usually wake a whole hour later on the Sunday morning, maybe half an hour, but by Sunday night/Monday morning it's generally sorted."

"I muddle mine up for a week or so beforehand by going out of our routine and staying up late. Then they settle nicely into the new time."

3. Spread the pain across the whole day

"For toddlers upwards, slip the mid morning snack, lunch and dinner half an hour later and dawdle slightly over desert. Have a long bath and a video with the curtains shut. With any luck you should be able to move bedtime up to an hour later without the kids really noticing."

4. Alternatively, ignore it completely

"Clocks changing is banned in my house. I just got my PFB eight-month-old into a routine. That said, not sure how it's going to work outside the house."

5. Be prepared for a painfully early start

"Perhaps leave the milk by their bed and say, 'If you wake up early, then this is for you to have. Don't wake Mummy up until the sleep clock says you can get up'."

6. Don't let the hours drag

"Make sure you have something planned for Sunday. Being out and about will stop it feeling such a long day."

7. Tell yourself there are upsides

"I absolutely love it and hate having an hour taken off me all summer. The kids seem to have gone over to what I like to call 'proper' time already and sleep until 8-ish. Bring on dinner with candlelight and wine, log fires, walks on frosty mornings..."

"When the clocks go back, my kids get to wake up naturally. It's not still pitch black and we're all happier!"

8. If you can, outsource the whole damn thing

"My brother-in-law and his girlfriend occasionally take the girls overnight and have actually asked to take them this weekend. We'd completely forgotten about the clocks changing and will quietly avoid mentioning it when we drop them off on Saturday. I only feel a teensy bit guilty about this."

9. If not, remember: it could be so much worse

"It's like jet lag, in a way. One hour jet lag."

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