18 unequivocal signs you're the parent of a toddler

If any of the following seem wearily familiar to you, then you must be the parent of a toddler...

1. You automatically get excited and start pointing out the nee-naw whenever you hear a siren. Even to your workmates



2. Waking up at 7.30 seems like a lie-in

Groundhog Day


3. You are disappointed and apologetic when the level crossing is open and no trains are coming

level crossing


4. Root canal treatment at the dentist constitutes a bit of 'me time'

Woman dentist


5. Your handbag contains a spare nappy, wipes, a colouring book and crayons but no wallet



6. Shopping lists are frequently written in crayon

crayon list

7. You find yourself asking your colleagues if they want any milky in their tea or coffee when doing the drinks run at work



8. You think Justin (Mr Tumble) is a comedy genius

Mr Tumble


9. You can cook quite complicated meals with someone hanging onto your leg and screaming at you



10. You know the difference between a bulldozer, a backhoe loader, and several different types of crane

Cars truck


11. You automatically sit on the floor in any gathering of people

Tom Hanks Big


12. Anything you put into your handbag comes out covered in glitter



13. You always wait for the green man, even at 2am with nothing on the road

traffic lights


14. You automatically check your shoes before putting them on for lego and bits of manky banana

toddler in shoes


15. Strangers know the ins and outs of your most private moments because you have the world's smallest gossip living with you

toddler microphone


16. You can identify various household objects purely by the sound they make when they fall/are dropped on the floor

make up


17. You forget what it's like to go to the toilet on your own

toilet toilet


18. When you're out with non-parent friends, you find yourself moving all cutlery, glasses and anything breakable to the middle of the table, even though your toddler isn't with you




Last updated: about 1 year ago