Things to do in the north west

Things to do in Blackpool


There's something for everyone in Blackpool, including the Pleasure Beach with over 125 breathtaking rides, attractions and shows including the spectacular Hot Ice Show. Elsewhere, it sits comfortably on the coast, providing plenty of beach spots for those seeking a bit of relaxation away from the town.

Things to do in Lancashire


Lancashire, the Red Rose county, is closely associated with tourism, thanks to its seaside resort towns such as Blackpool and the old fashioned pleasures on offer there. But it's not all buckets and spades and variety theatre; for a quick Lancashire history lesson, head to the Museum of Lancashire.

Things to do in Manchester


One of the UK's most exciting and rapidly evolving cities, Manchester has risen from the ashes of post-industrial decline and the IRA bomb to become a major leisure destination, as well as the much-loved home to millions of families. Redevelopment over the last couple of decades has given rise to the appearance of new attractions like The Urbis, Exchange Square and The Triangle.


Things to do in Stockport & Tameside


Stockport & Tameside is just a short journey from all the attractions of Manchester, but it has a good few gems of its own to shout about. Try the interactive and award-winning Hat Works Museum for starters.