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Holiday play schemes and activity days

children playing in the summer holidays 

Looking for some new summer holiday fun for your little ones? Our Local editors have searched high and low to find the best play schemes in your area. Making it that much easier to get those rascals out of the house!

South West

arts and crafts

Arts, Crafts & Drama Southbourne

27 July - 21 August

More artistic fun than your kid can shake a stick at (and children are very good with sticks). These courses let kids explore their creative side, with lessons on how to draw cartoons, drama lessons, and lots of art courses themed around history’s finest painters. Come for three days or stay for the whole week, it’s up to you!

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North West

Manchester music school

Forensic Science in Action Sale

3 August - 5 August

Join this team and give your kids a fascinating, fun and very hands-on insight into the real work of Crime Scene Investigators (CSIs) and Forensic Scientists. With their white suit, gloves, and mask on, kids will learn essential skills like: fingerprinting, DNA profiling and footwear marks. It’s definitely a day they won’t forget!

Music Performance Summer School Manchester

27 July - 31 July

Have you got a budding musician in the family? If so, then this is the ideal way to help your pop-star reach their full potential. Aimed at guitarists, bassists, drummers and singers aged 11+, this course lets them develop their technique and confidence as a performer (with some very famous tutors!). Your kids will also have the chance of winning a whole host of amazing goodies!

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North East

Toddler playing outside  

Wild Tots Cramlington

29 July, 3 August, 26 August

Get your toddlers running around in the great outdoors with this fantastic summer event. Put on by the lovely Sarah and Annie from Footprints, this event allows your tot to enjoy a range of activities in a natural environment. Also a great excuse to get the parents out of the house too!

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Teen playing hockey

Play in a week summer school Nottingham

10 August - 14 August

Lakeside Arts invites your kids to its mega Summer School, where they can have the chance of creating an amazing play in one week! Whether they’re performers, technicians, or designers, this jam packed theatrical adventure is sure to make them feel like a superstar.

Multi Sport & Activity Nottingham

10 August - 14 August

This camp believes that variety is the spice of life, which is why they offer such a wide range of activities! They combine a lot of different sports alongside a blend of dance, drama, crafts, and games. If this isn’t enough to excite your lot, then prepare them for Wacky Wednesdays, featuring fancy-dress, water, and fun!

Mad Science Summer Holiday Scheme Edgbaston

20 July - 28 August

From Astronaut Training to Chocolate Welding, Toy-Testing to Chem-Mystry - if your child doesn’t love science after this, we’ll eat our hat! This brilliant program offers fantastic themed days to get little ones interested in the scientific world. Even we wouldn’t mind going to the ‘Red Hot Robots Day’!

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natural history museum

Summer Playscheme  Kingston-upon-Thames

22 July - 28 August

This summer their team has gone all out, offering a playscheme that allows kids to go swimming outdoors, feed the farm animals, learn how to build shelters in the forest, and even take part in a fun run! If this doesn’t keep your little ones busy, we don’t know what will!

Summer Football Fun Harrow

20 July - 28 August

Sport and football fans will be delighted to have a go at Watford FC’s own summer camp. With 6 weeks of footie fun to get involved with, your kids can come for the day or spend all summer entering competitions and playing football games. They’ll be coached by FA qualified coaches and may even get to meet Watford FC’s 1st team!

20 July - 21 August

Are your kids budding scientists? Are they ready for a scientific adventure? Then have them get ready for SCIENCE CAMP! Never again will your children bemoan how dull science lesson are as they get to create their own lung model, make their own slime, devise a paper banger, make a pecking woodpecker, and much more! And the best part is that Mumsnetters can even grab a discount.

Kids Do Art Summer Camps Barnet

27 July - 5 August

The Natural History Museum AND Tate Modern? It’s nearly too good to be true but these are the two fantastic locations your child will be visiting at the Kids Do camp. Science lovers will have a chance to create their own cabinet of curiosities, while art fans have the chance of discovering the world’s greatest Pop Artists. Something for everyone!

Dream Big Kidz Sizzling Summer Workshops Enfield

27 July - 20 August

Dancing, acting, art, music AND cooking? Yes, the Dream Big Kidz team are offering a whole host of amazing activities this summer, giving you poor parents some time off. These workshops are focused on giving your kids positive character skills, as well as having lots of fun. Make sure you don’t miss out on the early bird special.

YMCA LSW Holiday Camp Wimbledon

20 July - 28 August

Running play schemes is what this team do best, so if you’re looking for a new option in child care, drop your little ones off here. At the YMCA they provide kid led games and activities, with the chance of also meeting brand new friends! Each day is filled with new challenges, so kids of all ages and needs can get involved.

Picassos In The Park Summer Camp Kennington

3 August - 5 August

Every day your child will have the chance of creating their own masterpiece, as they create their own canvas. All art materials are provided and there’s even a trip for all kids to visit a London Gallery at the end. Perfect for any budding Picassos. 

Multi-Activity Holiday Camp Merton

27 July - 31 July

A holiday camp with a hoard of activities for your kids to take part in. Kids up to 14 can enjoy art, football, life-skills, handball, games, crafts and more! There’s also featured prize giveaways, certificates and medals to be won. They couldn’t cram more in if they tried!

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East and South East

kids playing football

Barracudas Activity Camps Essex

27 July - 28 August

Along with their camp in Chelmsford, this exciting summer camp group is also located in Chigwell, Brentwood, and Loughton. They offer kids the chance of developing new skills, trying new activities and making heaps of new friends. Kids are able to come for the day or stay for weeks, making it the ultimate summer adventure for anyone aged between 4½ - 16 years.

Southend United Community Southend

All summer

This popular holiday club will give your child an unforgettable football experience, as well as get boost of confidence as they learn key football skills. There are four different clubs to choose from, with one even dedicated just to the art of being a goalie, so any footie enthusiast will be thrilled to spend their summer here.

House of Fun Holiday Childcare Gorleston

All year round

With activities based on the interest of your children, this is fun for kids and by kids. Open to 5 and 11 year olds, the House of Fun offers the perfect environment for your kids to have playtime and make new friends. And, as it’s open Monday to Friday, gives parents a welcome break too!


27 July - 14 August

Kids can have a truly wild summer at this camp, with den building, woodland craft and campfires! Anyone between the ages of 8 to 13 can join in the outdoor fun, with new and exciting activities on offer every weekday. All you have to worry about is the mucky clothes at the end!

Your Next Move Worthing

3 August - 7 August

If your kid loves sports and can’t resist having loads of fun, then the YNM Sport Camp is the perfect way to spend the summer holidays. Featuring netball, hockey, football, rugby, cricket, rounders, athletics, tennis, swimming AND lacrosse, there’s something for everyone.


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Susan’s Summer Art Club The Grange

27 July - 31 July

Bring out your child’s creative side with Susan’s own art club. Kids will be able to dabble with ceramics, get stuck in with paint, and meet a host of new friends (who knows, one of these kids might become the next Picasso!).  

Give it a go Glasgow Central

3 July - 11 August

Kids can become a modern day Robin Hood with this introduction in both archery AND kayaking. In the morning they’ll practise target archery and challenge new friends to some competition. Then, in the afternoon, they’ll take to the water for some hands on training. This is guaranteed to tire out even the most hyper child!

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