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There are new and exciting beauty treatments being created all the time, but what are they exactly and where can you find them? We've scoured the nation and, with the help of our Local editors, selected our top 10 unusual treatments of the moment. We've also put together a guide to beauty salons in your area.


mummy and baby spa
They play, you pamper at Independent Mindbodysoul Spa - Balham

Little girl looking at nails
Kids' Pampering at
Kleo - Putney

Woman's foot in water
Bio-Detox at White Cottage Beauty -Oxfordshire


Top 10 unusual beauty treatments and where to find them...


1. Chocobeauty back massage Beauty Hair and Sun Retreat, Northumberland

We always knew chocolate was good for us. Following exfoliation and a massage, you will be cocooned in a layer of chocolate for 20 minutes. Unfortunately, the chocolate is not edible, but the smell alone should boost your wellbeing (or make you very hungry).

Claims to: feed skin essential nutrients, such as magnesium, potassium, iron, and calcium, encourage skin regeneration, treat cellulite and boost endorphins 

2. Bio-Detox White Cottage Beauty, Oxfordshire

Sometimes what you really want is a quick fix to rid you of nasty toxins without having to consume gallons of pureed vegetation. Bio-Detox uses a foot spa with a small current flowing through it that claims to draw toxins out of the pores of your feet.

Claims to: improve circulation, joint pain and IBS, and detox the whole body

house of rush interior

3. Bellabaci cupping The Little Escape, Crystal Palace

Yet another treatment that promises the world, this intriguing procedure is said to be popular with the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston.

There's a catch though: this celebrity craze has created a red carpet trend for 'cupping bruises'.

Claims to: treat digestive disorders, headaches and cellulite

4. Kids' pampering Kleo, Putney

We're longing to know how they manage to get children to sit still for long enough (rather them than us), but this spa in South London will treat your little darlings to a nail make-over (with Swarovski crystals if they so wish). Book a quick treatment or two for yourself while the kids are occupied. (For a salon with on-site childcare, try the Independent Mindbodysoul Spa in Balham).

Claims to: take the children off your hands for a bit

5. Lava shells massage Savannah, Newcastle

Shells are the new stones... Lava shells (tiger clam shells from the Philippines) are used like hot stones, but have the added benefit of being eco-friendly. They are 100% natural and recycled from food waste. The shells are also naturally hotter than stones and, as they are non-porous, are supposed to be more hygienic.

Claims to: offer a deeply relaxing, eco-friendly and hygienic alternative to a hot stones massage

6. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage The Beauty Room, Northumberland

The Beauty Room is the only salon in the North East to offer this unusual massage, which uses ancient healing traditions from Hawaii.

Claims to: nourish the heart, mind, body, and soul

7. Vajazzling Amy Child's Spa, Essex

Ahem... sorry, but we had to include this. The jewelling craze that has taken Essex by storm is available at Amy Child's salon in Brentwood.

Claims to: deck your nether regions in dazzling gems

Lava shell massage

8. Venus freeze The House of Rush, Piccadilly

A facelift without surgery (because who has the time to go under the knife?), Venus Freeze uses Pulse Magnetic Fields and Radio Frequency technology to rejuvenate the face.

Claims to: tighten pores and leave skin firm and bouncy

9. LaserLipoGenie Guys n Dolls, Kent

This sounds a little extreme to us but claims to have incredible results. Strapping you with lasers, this treatment is supposed to zap body fat.

Claims to: banish inches of fat from 'problem' areas


10. Warm bamboo massage Aphrodite Beauty Salon, Bournemouth 

This massage technique, known as lymph drainage, uses smooth, warm bamboo canes to relax and detoxify.

Claims to: detoxify the body, relieve tension and improve circulation


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