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Welcome to Mumsnet recipes – the best and the brightest of culinary concoctions as recommended by other Mumsnetters. (Finally, a formal home for Marslady's itinerant lemon drizzle cake we hear you collectively sigh!)

We've not separated the categories into children's and non-children's recipes (save for Baby and Toddler ones that is) as the idea is that in your typically-functional Mumsnet family, parents and children eat the same things in blissful harmony around a table together. Ok so we know this is often wishful thinking but we can all dream can't we? Of course if you've got the perfect Crepe Suzette up your sleeve, which due to copious amounts of Grand Marnier is unsuitable for children, post it up anyway and fill out the handy hints box to that effect i.e. "Not for children or tee-totallers".

Please feel free to add as many new recipes as you like, test the existing ones to your heart's content and rate and comment on them liberally. At some point when we've reached a critical mass we'll no doubt give out some awards to the authors of the highest-rated recipes – a silver-plated cake knife or summit - and of course, a few wooden spoons to those propping up the rest in the Mumsnet recipe league table. As ever, if you have any suggestions about how we can make it all work better please send them to over to contactus@mumsnet.com.

Happy cooking and eating (so long as it includes the recommended five daily portions naturally), Mumsnet Towers

Last updated: over 3 years ago