What advice would you give your teenage self?

Mumsnet turns 16 this year! To celebrate, we asked Mumsnetters to look back through the mists of time and share the advice they'd give their teen selves

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"Be a bit nicer to your mum - she's a star, and is working her arse off to give you the opportunities she never had."

"Leave the sun-in hair lightener alone. It will make your hair as dry as hay."

"Engineering! No-one is ever going to suggest this as a career path for you, but it's what you should be doing."



"All of those opinions you have about life, family, the world, men, etc? You have them because you are a feminist. I know no one's ever mentioned that word to you before, but that's what you are. Shout it loud, and be proud."

"Do not touch Southern Comfort at your school prom: the smell will still make you gag over 20 years later."



"George Michael? You'd better sit down - I have something to tell you about him." 

"Go to school instead of bunking off; get good grades, and make something of yourself."

"You're not fat. This is the best you'll ever look."



"Enjoy time with your friends - you have years to find a man."

"Travel more. Don't be scared."

"Live a little, instead of having your head in a text book the whole time. You are not just the sum of your academic achievement."



"Find someone to take you to The Mucky Duck to see that band - you'll want to be able to tell your kids you saw the Sex Pistols." 

"You might not believe it now, but when you settle down (and there will be wilderness years, sorry) it will be with someone who's the opposite of 'your type', but who's so good and so kind you won't be able to believe your luck."



"Stop hanging round with the mean popular girls. Hang out with the quieter, nicer girls instead."

"Hair mascara is not a good look."

"That boy you're about to meet next year - it's not a passing infatuation, and he's even better looking in his 40s."



"I know you are 15 and flat-chested, but trust me - by your 21st, you will be sporting 34FFs. They will be your pride, your joy, and so challenging to dress - so please spend the next few summers in strappy tops, instead of hiding in big sloppy jumpers." 

"Put down the chocolate, and go for a run." 

"Let your mum teach you how to sew. In your mid-30s, you will wish you could."



"Go to university free and single - there'll be blokes falling over themselves to go out with you."

"Don't buy that packet of Silk Cut."

"When you first begin to save money, don't be too scared to spend some too. If you insist upon investing, some of those new fangled computer firms would be a good start. Can I interest you in Amazon, Apple, Google or Microsoft?"



"You know you say you're never going to get married or have any children? I might have some news for you on that front..." 


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