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Talk Roundup
28 September 2007

Live Chat with Claire Scott Don't miss our online chat next Thursday 4 October from 1-2pm with attachment parenting guru Claire Scott, who's currently featured in the Channel 4 programme "Bringing Up Baby". Claire is an active member of the Continuum Concept network, and believes passionately that if families adopt the Continuum Concept, individuals and society as a whole will be much healthier as a result. Should be fun!

What's the most tactless birthday present you have ever received? Asked Niecie this week, whose "cuddly" DH was given a book from his mother entitled, 'No More Mr Fat Guy'. Furball received a shirt from her mother-in-law that was identical to the one she was wearing, "I said 'Oh, it's the same as yours' and she replied 'yes they were buy-one –get-one-free and I kept the free one.'" Big momma WigWamBam's lovely sister bought her Paul McKenna's 'I Can Make You Slim' a couple of years ago and "this year she bought me a book by Rob Grant called FAT. You see a theme developing here?" While Cocolepew's mother-in-law found the perfect gift for the landmark occasion of her 30th birthday, "a verruca swim sock. Just the one. I'm getting the feeling she dislikes me."

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I give you clear warning, this place is going to go NUTS when Channel Four airs Bringing Up Baby on the 25th Sept Claire Verity predicted our resident television reviewer, Aitch, who annoyingly gets to see all the exciting things weeks before the rest of us. "I'm watching it now for work and even dh stormed off in disgust." Claire Verity, one of those strict routine types who imposes firm limits on cuddle-time for babies, is the latest baby guru to be cast as "panto villain" by Channel 4. VeniVidiVickiQV noted that "she hasn't got children; she learnt her methods through growing up on a farm, apparently." Hunkermunker spied a new career opportunity, "I might go and tell farmers how to raise pigs. I bet pigs aren't in any kind of routine. Just rolling about, a bit pinkly and oinkly. It will NOT do!" Harpsichordcarrier wanted to join the new venture and even came up with a name "the Piggy Whisperers." Claire Verity's goes by the nickname of the "Cruella de Ville of the babyworld". "Cruella de Ville killed dogs. Isn't it like calling yourself the Fred West of youth hostelling?" wondered Hunker.

Balamory has been voted the number 2 'Most Annoying Kids' Show' announced LewisFanBAHons, but on Mumsnet it retains a strong following, "Wasn't there a story about Edie McCready having been one of the naked virgins in the Wicker Man?" asked Kathyis6incheshigh. Bobbiewickham thought there was mileage there for a Balamory episode, "Today Archie is going to make a big scarecrow out of some old bits of conservatory furniture! Come on, Plummy! Climb in! Oh, here comes Edie, do you think she looks a wee bit cold? I know how we can fix that!" Grumpy EricL considered "Me Too" to be much more irritating than Balamory, "I know they are trying to be right-on but what kid ever woke up and thought 'You know what Mum, I want to be a nightshift bus cleaner.' Kids want to see policemen, firemen, train drivers and shit - not bloody cleaners."

Poll shows women love Gordon Brown, remarked a sceptical TheDullWitch "What's that all about then?" NorthernRockCod was also unconvinced, "Who did they ask? Women who talk to their cuddly toys and have the Lakeland phone number on their family and friends?" But NotAnOtter was a self-confessed Brownite, considering him to be, "the thinking woman's scotch pancake" and Mazzystar agreed "he's a big, gruff, proper, manly man." "Brown is the Mr Rochester of politics" concluded Niceglasses and a breathless Threadworm added, "Reader, I voted for him."


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