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Talk Roundup
27 March 2009

The White Company

This week Mumsnetters discussed the launch of Google Street View. Amid feverish excitement DebInAustria spied her mother-in-law "putting her bins out" while several Mumsnetters spotted themselves: "I'm on there, walking with DD to get DS from school! I'm so ridiculously excited!" shrieked tweetyfish. "I really shouldn't wear that top again though." "DH just looked and found me walking along the street a bit further up our road," squealed Wilbur, "although I may ask them to blur out my bingo wings." "Thank God I am not having an affair, or it would be clear for the world to see," exclaimed Wobbegong.

Delia caused some disturbance with her appearance on Woman's Hour this week, this time not with tinned mince talk but by declaring: "I am not a feminist - I like men." Bigmouthstrikesagain thought Delia could have got this across better in her usual format: "First remove the bra - heat to temperature of approx 200 celsius till completely burnt. Then prepare the dungarees and put on. Take the man, remove the offending appendage - chop small." "I'm a raving feminist and I would WEEP at the idea of never seeing an erect penis again," declared SkintColditz, and Muffle nodded agreement: "I think we can generally agree that not liking cock does not a feminist make." Earthymama was also shocked by Delia's retro-views: "However, I reserve the right to still make Yorkshire puds using her un-conscious-raised recipe!"

Spicemonster was feeling a bit Daily Mail this week and wondered: Am I being unreasonable to think it's rather odd that we are always being told that the nuclear family is ideal but that they make so few appearances on children's TV? "Granny Murray is about 35, so she was clearly a teenage mum, as is her daughter. Only the Pontipines and Wattingers appear to be couples with children and the Pontipines are neglectful in the extreme." Peppapighastakenovermylife was beset with worry over poor Danny Dog: "He is only ever with his grandad and I worry he has been orphaned." ArcticLemming pointed out that Dora is from a nuclear family: "But I can just imagine the response to a thread 'Am I being unreasonable to let my five year old play out in a snake-infested jungle all day with only a monkey for company?'" "Diego's family is two parents and two children, all living and working together in a heart-warming display of family unity," noted PortAndLemon, "but possible violation of child labour laws."

Whoingodsnameami wanted to know whether she was being unreasonable to feel insulted by her five year old? "I was talking to her and noticed she was looking at me oddly, then she said, 'Mum, you have teeth like SpongeBob!'" lal123 was affronted to be asked: "Mummy... Do you HAVE any bones?" And fruitbeard didn't feel much like a yummy mummy when her daughter informed her that the dress she was trying on was "much too pretty for you". Thelma2008 was helping her daughter with homework about how to tell the difference between an opinion and fact: "She seemed to understand, so I asked her to tell me something that was an opinion and she said 'Daddy is good looking'. I then asked her to tell me something that was a fact and she said 'Mummy is fat'." That definitely doesn't deserve a gold star.


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