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Talk Roundup
20 March 2009


What's the worst accidental text you've ever sent? asked BatmansWilly, who was expecting her husband's reply to her text 'Get your scrawny arse home and make my tea, bitch', when she received a reply from a fellow school-gate mum asking: "I take it this wasn't meant for me?" Megthedog recalled the early days of her romantic relationship with her DH, when she texted him to say 'last night was amazing' - and sent it to her Dad. "He wrote back saying 'nice of you to say so, dear'." NotSoRampantRabbit had made secret plans to meet a kitchen planner, asking a friend to cover for her because she knew her husband would disapprove - plans that went awry when she inadvertently texted her husband: 'Told DH I'm going to a yoga class on Friday so don't worry about our story.' "I had to reassure him I was not having illicit affair by blowing my kitchen story."

NotTheJoker was consumed with guilt this week after laughing at a friend's dead pet. Her distraught friend had phoned after the tragic demise of her beloved guinea pig 'Big Bum', but her friend's fond recollection of Big Bum's final moments tipped her over the edge: "When she heard my voice go funny she said 'Aww, are you crying now too?' Am I truly awful for laughing?" Shivster1980 thought she was not awful at all, and "poor Guinea Pig probably died of shame", while AlistairSim confessed to a similar lack of sensitivity regarding the boxed cremated remains of her DP's beloved cats: "Every so often I put one of the boxes on our bed and then moan to DP that the 'bloody cats are on the bed again'."

Pagwatch encouraged us to share moments when we wanted to shout Seriously, why? Why would I do that? after a recent party where she introduced herself with her husband's name: "Why would I do that? I wasn't even drunk. And then I had hours with people who think I am too dim to get my own name right." KayHarkersHeartBelongsToTen fell foul of a constant finger-fidgeting habit while waiting for a friend in a cafe: "I was absent mindedly dithering with the plants, and suddenly realized the plant felt quite soft, and that actually, I was caressing the dignified perm of an old lady sitting on the other side of the wooden wall." But prize for the most humiliating cock-up goes to DisasterArea, who vaguely recognised the driver of a car which pulled up while she was waiting at a bus stop: "He yelled out 'Want a lift?' at which I jumped in the car and someone else jumped in the back. A few miles down the road I realised it wasn't the person I thought it was but a random stranger. The woman in the back was the one who had been offered a lift. I asked to be dropped off at the next traffic lights."

And finally, much excitement this week when it was announced that policywonk will be the official Mumsnet blogger from the G20 summit as part of G20Voice initiative - a group of 50 bloggers connecting the rest of the world with the G20 world leaders. Policywonk will have the chance to present Mumsnetters' thoughts on global poverty to the great and the good, although custardo thought it was all a bit worthy: "Can we have a 'comb-over' tally?" "We could probably devise some sort of international summit bingo," conceded the self-confessed 'slightly-hysterical' policywonk. "Comb-overs, Hush Puppies, rimless specs..." Post your ponderings on climate change, poverty and suitable spring handbags for policywonk here.


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