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Talk Roundup
9 January 2009


If you were too busy stuffing turkey and wrapping socks to keep up with Mumsnet over the festive period, you may have missed Moldiegate, which all started back in the mists of advent, when it came to light that some Mumsnet 'oldie' posters had absconded to a private web forum where they could chat unhindered by second-hand Phil & Teds and Daily Mail journos looking for a good yarn on a no-news week. The row rumbled on through Moldies Part I, Moldies Part II and Moldies Part III, although by the time we got to Moldies Part IV we had got into the panto spirit and were all racing around with false norks beating each other over the head with double entendres. It's behind you! (Honestly, it really is now, we promise, MNHQ.)

As early as Christmas Day Mumsnetters were comparing crap presents on the Christmas '08 Talk boards, admiring each others' Weight Watchers recipe books. "I got a pond pump from the in-laws," divulged a baffled LunarSea, "We don't have a pond, and with a lively 21 month old aren't likely to be getting one any time soon." NorthernLurkerwithastarontop's MIL received an unfortunate present from a friend "which looks exactly like an urn for cremation ashes" while VirginBoffinMum's mum gave her a pill box "for old people's pills: It may come in useful in 2059." Blushingm's mother-in-law gave her a delightful "home made calendar of pictures of unusual chimneys" almost trumping needmorecoffee's MIL's gift of her set of aluminium saucepans: "She'd read they can cause Alzheimer's, so thought we might like them."

Heated debate on Property/DIY this week, as Quattrocento considered investing in a bidet: "Would it put you off the bathroom if you were a hypothetical purchaser?" "They are just the right height for children to spit their toothpaste into!" enthused wheresthehamster, while other Mumsnetters expressed their general bemusement about their proper usage, allowing Quattrocento to clarify: "You 'ride' the bidet as you would a horse - ie sit down in the saddle, facing its ears (the taps)." "Don't your clothes get in the way?" asked a confused MrsSeanBean. "Maybe I am unusual but I don't usually completely disrobe to poo." Jooseyfruit's mother had the right idea: "Bidets: the English use them to wash the baby in, the French use them to wash the baby out."

And finally, a word of warning from McDreamyingofawhiteXmas about the perils that await if you don't properly supervise your five-year-old writing Christmas thank you letters: "Dear Nana and Grandad. Fuc you. love form xxxxx"

Happy New Year!


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