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Ours By Right: A Day for the Human Family is a special day of activities at the British Library on Euston Road to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It's on Sunday 7 December, 1-5pm, it's free and there will be live music, dance and an action-packed children's area, plus various TV celebrities doing readings.

Talk Roundup
7 November 2008


CarmerKharma needed to offload this week's marital strife: "I asked him to buy chocolate biscuits of some kind so he came back with Penguins. It's a passive aggressive thing, he does things DELIBERATELY." "He just sounds like a normal male with default setting," soothed peacekeeper Spookyrookie. Sycamoretree, for her part, was exercised by the fact that some believe Penguins to be chocolate bars: "Chocolate bars are the things you go into newsagents to buy when you've got PMT or have had a row with DH." But neither are they biscuits argued LurkerOfTheUniverse: "Penguins have too much chocolate to dip in tea. A proper biscuit base is the essence of the biscuit." "Maybe he brought back ACTUAL PENGUINS," contributed Jasper. "There's not much advice for the OP here, is there?" continued LurkerOfTheUniverse, "unless she's confused about the classification of teatime treats."

Humbugger was so, so embarrassed this week after being caught short first thing and grabbing DH's water glass - "it was a split second thing, that or the floor" - and then promptly forgetting, so her DH stumbled across it on his return from work. Mumsnetters were quick to share their own bodily fluid horror stories. Pregnant new-mum MummyToLeon had "sneezed in a shop and pissed all over the floor", while AmIWhatAndWhy found herself in dire straits in a coach toilet: "Mid wipe we lurched around a corner and the door swung wide open. I'm sure no one would have noticed had I not screamed." MadamAnt recounted a night out with "the most gorgeous man". "On returning to his flat I got horribly drunk, sang Lay All Your Love on Me very earnestly to him, then spewed all over his room (up and down the walls, 360 degrees)." Fortunately it had a happy ending: "Reader, I married him."

Help! Can't afford the school fees any more! shrieked FrugalMummy, "What have you done when faced with the fact that you couldn't afford the fees any more? Looking for ideas." Mumsnetters, as they are wont, smelled a rat: "Are you looking for ideas for yourself or for your piece?" suggested Myredcardigan. Swedes, though, was happy to share her approach: "I pasted my sons' headmaster's face on an S&M orgy participant's body (good old Photoshop) and threatened to send it to his wife and the head of the Governors. A 75% scholarship for DS1 and a completely free sibling place for DS2 followed by return of post." "Some people will almost certainly reduce their consumption of rare white truffles whilst wearing vintage Cath Kidston tea dresses," advised a helpful Judgenutmeg. "All this is deffo true and would make a most excellent story." "You could always write a feeble and irritating half-baked article about how awful it is that you have to send your children to state schools," suggested Harpsichordcarrier, "and then try and flog it to the highest bidder?"

Obama wins: how do you explain this day to your children? enquired Morningpaper. Buda was already in there: "I did tell DS but he was more interested in Ben10." Poshpaws told her son this meant he could truly be anything that he wanted to be: "And he said that he now wanted to be President of Las Vegas." Cocolepew's daughter got very excited because she thought a "Batman" had become president (finally!), and CountessDracula explained to her daughter that women didn't used to be allowed to vote, to be met with the shocked reply: "What, not even on Strictly Come Dancing?" Thank goodness for the suffragettes.


Get your kids to change the world: we're loving Teach Your Granny To Text, the children's sequel to the global action bestseller Change the World for a Fiver. Its aim is to inspire children to use everyday actions (such as smiling or taking a parent for a walk) to change the world. Read more about Teach Your Granny to Text and order your copy here (beats anything with batteries as a pressie).

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