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Talk Roundup
6 June 2008

Cottages 4 U

We have a new arrival in the Mumsnet Classics Archive in our controversial debate on the benefits of Extended Mumsnetting. "It is the accepted norm for most Mothers to stop Mumsnetting at around the same time, 6-7pm," posted BEAUTlFUL, "But many others like to carry on until slightly later, 10 or 11pm." "I had great support for MNing in hospital," reported MrsBadger, "there were Patientline terminals by every bed which I found invaluable when getting MNing established." "I am still Mumsnetting and my child is 8," confessed Themildmanneredjanitor, "I don't tell anyone about it - only my husband and children know." "I think after a certain point, MNing is all about the mum," tutted Enraha.

What celebs have you seen in mundane situations? asked Maidamess, who worked at Ryman's in Regents Street and "helped Paul Daniels and Irene Cara from Fame to work the photocopier." Bran queued behind Graham Norton in Waitrose, "I didn't look at his groceries, but he had a very nice bunch of lilies." Wheresthehamster saw Dr Legg from Eastenders standing outside the Nurses' Council and absentmindedly "assumed he'd been to a conference." Susiemj used to live near Nick Cave, "I used to see him with his slippers on in front of the telly" while TheMoistWorldOfSeptimusQuench had a similarly unlikely celebrity spotting when she spied Ian Hislop in WHSmith "buying Hello magazine."

Olives and foccacia aplenty this week as we discussed the wankiest thing we have ever heard; Margoandjerry's 5-year-old nephew asked her sister, "What's a Slush Puppy?" and her sister cheerily replied, "It's like granita darling." ConnorTraceptive recalled the time her mother-in-law informed her that she needed to put her 8-month-old son in a nursery because "he has no idea what to do in a group situation." Tiredlady cringed at the recollection of her son's rejection of the easter egg offered by his lovely childminder because "it's Nestle." TheMoistWorldOfSeptimusQuench asked for peanuts in a "wanky gastropub" at the weekend, but was told that "We only sell upgraded nuts" which "turned out to be a tiny dish of cashew & pistachios, for £3.50. Upgraded nuts my arse."

Some mysterious answers to the question What did your last text message say? but none more so than ScotsLassDownSouth's text from her DH, "It had a head. Saw it twice. Not a sign of anything else. X" More familiar domestic dialogue was provided by Oliveoil's DH; "'Love you babe' swiftly followed by 'Get some bread.'" Squonk was texted by her auntie, "Have emailed you some pics from the weekend - switch your computer on" which rather baffled her "switch computer on? How little she knows me." MilfAKAmonkeymonkeymoomoo admitted her last text said "Congratulations! Your order has been dispatched today. Kiddicare" which prompted a "note to self: get more friends."

Am I being unreasonable to be furious that a cashier at supermarket told me off when DD ate a bite of an apple? asked Pavlovthecat "It came to 21p. She had taken two 23 month old sized bites. Which is why I was buying it in the first place!" "YABU," argued ex-cashier Misdee, "I remember once someone handed me a bananaskin to be weighed." FrannyandZooey offered a practical suggestion, "Next time, weigh her before you go in, then let her eat what she likes, they can weigh her again at the end, and you can pay." Elephantsbreath confessed that such behaviour was common on her shopping trips, "When DS was 2 I would pick out a little lonely ripe banana and give it to him saying 'THIS is a gift from Mr Tesco.'" Things not surprisingly got more heated when Xenia suggested that ""it just looks so tacky and working class to see parents letting children take bits from the food shopping as you go round. It is like wearing a sign saying 'We don't care about the law. We have children we cannot control.'" "Well, keep this going," encouraged a cheery Pavlovthecat, surveying the rumpus, "I am going to have a bath." Hopefully not with snaffled hotel toiletries...


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