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Talk Roundup
25 July 2008


We were arguing this week about whether fussy eaters are born or made by diabolical sausage-peeling parents. So, to reassure the masses, Cod requested stories of fussy eaters of the past, admitting "I took bacon to France once." "I took a jar of Loyd Grossman pesto to Spain this year," immediately countered Watsthestory, while it turns out AnnabelCaramel's mother regularly smuggles M&S French dressing to France: "It's better than the French stuff apparently." Cremolafoam recalled family holidays in the 70s on which her mother would take packets of Rice Krispies, which sadly went soft in the heat, "so every morning she would lay them out on a baking tray and toast them until they were crunchy again." "I once went out with someone whose mother used to send him Farley's Rusks," mused MrsJohnCusack, "we were at university."

Inspired by our confessional mood, Martianbishop begged tell me a story of your own weird behaviour as a kid, admitting she would only talk to people outside her family on alternate days. Plantsitter revealed that she chopped off all her Sindies' hair and stored it in a little tub in her wardrobe, whereas little Southeastastra kept all her toys in a bag "in case of fire." AnnabelCaramel made her mother take a register at every mealtime, "and I would only answer to the name John Noakes." Missjennipenni told her little sister that secretly she was in fact triplets, "I'd hide, then come out as a different 'sister'," chortling, "she fell for it." "I was convinced that my thoughts appeared in bubbles above my head. For about a year I was afraid to think in case people saw the bubbles," recalled ElfOnTheTopShelf, adding, "I vow never to worry when my DD seems 'odd'."

What idiot things do non-parents say about parenting? Ratbunny, pre-children, just couldn't comprehend why her best friend used to wake her baby several times a night, and then get her children up for the day at 6am. A pregnant DonnyLass sought advice from an experienced mother when packing her hospital bag and needing to know "How many toys do you think I should take?" Whilst NigellaTheOriginal's brother in law visited her with her two-week-old newborn and asked how old babies were when they opened their eyes, "I think he was thinking of kittens."

Carmenere thought it was about time we put MN Etiquette into writing, rather than just beating newbies about the head when they innocently commit a faux pas: "Text speak is obviously a no-no... Writing without paragraphs is another one that causes confusion and upset." "There is no need to sign your posts," instructed MrsBadger, "or use kisses." "Avoid the following terms: hun, hubby/hubbie, bubba," counselled EffiePerine, while Madamez cautioned, "If namechanging for something embarrassing or potentially arrestable, check the name change has worked by posting something innocuous on a boring thread about handbags or cookery first." Slubberdegullion warned against impulsive poverty point scoring, "If you spot a thread in active convos requesting opinions about the potential purchase of a £30000 handbag, a huge bejewelled sanitary towel holder or a small island in the Indian ocean staffed by oiled Robert Redford (in his better days) clones, try to resist the urge to post in a white-hot orb of rage that you and your family live in a freecyled Tupperware container and survive on ants and pond weed." And Pan gave us a male perspective, "There is nothing attractive in grabbing a pitchfork." Something to bear in mind when the next fussy eater comes round for a nosh.


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