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MUMSNET BOOK CLUB - The votes for January's book choice are now in and the winner is "The Giles Wareing Haters' Club" by Guardian journalist, Tim Dowling. A very funny, satirical tale of a freelance journalist's mid-life crisis - which becomes vastly exacerbated when he finds a chatroom dedicated to discussing how much everyone hates him and his writing (what's that saying about art imitating life?). You can buy it here.

Talk Roundup
18 January 2008


Freshly archived in Mumsnet Classics this week is the tickertastic Netmums Sty-lee thread to remind us why we love Mumsnet's Web 1.0 vibe. WanderingTrolley's ticker contained "fluffy bollix, mostly about some dodgy man who I think loves me but is, in fact, a criminal" and "a picture of dodgy 80's popstar, possibly now selling pies, or dead" and Beansprout's ticker revealed "I have been to the toilet 9 times today. 7 were wee-wees and 2 included poos." and "DS has spent 295 precious days in childcare." WigWamBam's countdown ticker cheerily informed us "only 23,333,000 days til I'm debt free!" and she added a "PICTURE OF ME LOOKING MY FATTEST AND MOST BRAIN-DEAD." "It's been four minutes since I last decided was more interesting that revision," claimed DontCallMeBaby's ticker, adding, "It is twelve days until I fail my exams because of the interweb."

The obviously very tasty ZippiBabes wanted to know how exactly you are supposed to respond when someone winks at you. "I end up doing a kind of wank Princess Di look which is probably even worse." "Winking is good," reassured DrNortherner, "A grown man only does it to a grown woman if he fancies her." DarthVader agreed, "Try a comedy over-exaggerated wink back if not interested or a coy sidelong gaze from under the eyelashes if interested. Sorted."

Marketing controversy hit Mumsnet this week when Dontwanttogetoutofbed asked, Who else thinks the Nutella ad on the Mumsnet homepage is RIDICULOUS and OUTRAGEOUS? But not everyone was persuaded. "Only in Mumsnet land would an advert for Nutella offend," sighed Niceglasses, "I guess McGoodys Good Organic Goodness Organicy Naturallness Natural Jam with added Organicness and Naturallness (with free Boden 10% off voucher) wouldn't offend so much?" "DP and I used to send the individual little packs to each other through the post as erotic exchanges," Blu remembered fondly, and Snowleopard recalled the heady breakfasts of her youth, "Coffee, a fag AND Nutella. Now you're talking!"

More nicotine-stained reminiscing from MamaG this week, "When DH and I first met, we used to have a cigarette after sex ... last night, he had two warmed up yorkshire puddings and some gravy." "I have to admit that once I offered a quickie to DP if he would make a bacon sarnie," confessed Pyjamagirl, "So shamefully I had sex for bacon." Jumpingbeans felt a plan coming together, "I might try 'sex for ironing'," although Pyjamagirl warned, "Whilst it was rather nice I did feel quite cheap eating it." A lesson for us all.


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