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MUMSNET RECIPES - We're rather chuffed to announce that Mumsnet Recipes are at last operational. Whether you want to feed the baby or a dinner party of 12, you can now access other Mumsnetters' culinary wisdom, add your own faves and rate any recipes you try. Expect to see shares in Greggs' sausage rolls take a tumble.

Talk Roundup
11 January 2008

Isabella Oliver

I'm really crap at being pregnant and I don't care who knows it, sulked a not-yet-blooming Whomovedmychocolate, "I vomit a lot. I have permanent wind. My blood pressure is up and down so often Alton Towers have asked if they can install it as a ride, my ankles are so swollen they look like they've been encased in pastry like some massive hairy sausage rolls." Chocolatepeanut sympathised, "as soon as the sperm penetrates the egg I start throwing up. I carried Gaviscon in a hip flask and in the last few weeks I went through a pack of Tena ladies a day as every time I coughed I pissed myself." Meanwhile Sufi confessed to gaining an excess of pregnancy back hair, "My DP stroked my back in what I thought was a loving manner last week, when in fact he was just trying to comb it flat."

What was your mum's SNAZZIEST recipe when you were little? asked 70's child Cod, reminding us that "Fruit juice was a starter then." Children of the Sodasteam generation regurgitated all sorts of culinary memories, including the ubiquitous curry with sultanas and banana. Aitch's kaftan-wearing mother's speciality was pizza, although she struggled to get the oven hot enough for the pizza stone, "my dad used to complain that if he opened the (eye-level, natch) oven he ran the risk of his enormous nylon shirt collars going up." Kittylouise recalled her Gran's over-use of rabbit-shaped jelly-moulds at parties, "she ALWAYS overcatered so you would have about 12 rabbits of all different colours - like a surreal Watership Down."

A question for non-natives this week when Emkana (bemused by darts) asked what will always mystify you about the British Way of Life? The usual suspects in the shape of the Royal Family, carpets in the bathrooms and Marmite, led the way although more controversially Nametaken couldn't understand why the English "wash out their empty glass jars and then put them in the cupboard under the sink." Our eccentric love of picnicking "just down the road" from beauty spots also confused the foreigners and SenoraParsnip recalled her days of working as a TEFL teacher when a Latvian girl expressed her horror that we keep our children on leads "like dogs" - although she added that the rest of the class "were just upset about the lack of mixer taps."

Onebatmotherofgoditschilly has been fondly revisiting her Nietzsche on the Dilemma of the Literary female: "aut liberi aut libri (either children or books)." Swedes2Turnips1 was not impressed, "Didn't women multi task in Prussian Saxony in the 19th Century?" and Threadworm thought it should be updated; "aut Matronnet aut libri (either Mumsnet or books)." I'm sure there should be children somewhere in that equation.