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MUMSNET BOOK CLUB - With the polls closing at 8pm on Friday Jan 4th there's still time (just!) to vote for January's book of the month. We've gone for some humour to help us through the long dark nights and there are three rib-ticklers to choose from. Meanwhile, there's still time to finish Agent ZigZag prior to the next Book Club discussion on Thursday evening (Jan 10th, 8-10pm) when author Ben Macintyre will be joining us to answer all your questions. Stick the date in your brand new diaries now.

Talk Roundup
4 January 2008

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Poor Ernest unwrapped a festive dilemma, How can I tell DH I don't like my necklace and ask him to change it? "My gut reaction was it looked like a string of paper clips." "If I had just spent a large amount of money on a present resembling stationery for someone I truly loved, I would want them to say something" mused WanderingHolly. Moondog agreed that honesty was the best policy, "I have no qualms about telling my dh (nicely) how I feel about the stinking goatskin jerkin that he has brought me back from Tajikistan."

DarthVader was making plans with her 8 year old daughter about whether they might mark her first period with spa treatments or ear piercing, and wondered how other people celebrated this rite of passage, "she is currently role playing her best friend noticing a bright red stain on her trews, climbing onto a chair and announcing her womanhood to the class!" Twinsetandpearls was not keen on the idea at all, "celebrate a life time of worrying about whether I am leaking, is it worth risking the nice knickers or should I get the pre stained ones?" and Wags was also gloomy, "Gosh, a period and ear piercing... could her day get any worse?" "My dad bought me a milkshake," reminisced Purpleduck.

From the menarche to the menopause, which had Twiglett wondering why women don't discuss it much, although Spidermama's mama broke the mould by announcing that her labia would disappear "as does all the hair." This had Motherinferior fretting, "I shall cultivate my ladygarden, I think. And scrutinise for retracting lips." TheDuchessOfNorksBride summed up, "So it's just like the first & last trimester of pregnancy combined, but with weight loss not gain, and without a definite finish line?" There were calls for a new Mumsnet Talk Topic "where we can finish each others sentences" but Pinetreedog just wanted a good book on the subject, "I'd like to read a book on the menopause by Jamie Oliver. He's a cheery, simple young man who puts a smile on my (dry-skinned) face."

Sometimes I just think my kids are really really thick moaned a perimenopausal Twiglett, "My 3.5 year old just can't count; '1,2, pee ummmm pour 8 pie ten.'" PrufrockingAroundTheXmasTree sympathised, "One of DD's school books the other day was about Roy. So why the fuck did she insist on calling him Ron every bloody time. It took all my calm serenity and knowledge that my mother calling me stupid was how I ended up in very expensive therapy to not yell "Show me the N, Show me the N!""

It was not a very Happy New Year for WanderingTrolley who woken up by her new neighbours' noisy shagging, "in the name of all things holy, why does she have to yip? Mhurmmm mhurmmm mhurmmm he went. Yeep! yeep! yeep! said she. They should know the walls are thin by my cry of 'OH DEAR HOLY GOD!' when I realised what the bizarre noise was." Notjustmom helpfully suggested some opening gambits for when she finally met them, "What about 'Hi, how are you? Nice to meet you and welcome to the street. The bin men come on Mondays, the window cleaner comes on Wednesdays and you come too loudly'?" Happy New Year!


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