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Talk Roundup
8 August 2008


It's the summer hols and so, appropriately, we had a question of holiday etiquette from Luverlyjubberly: "Am I being unreasonable to make lunch from the buffet breakfast at our (frankly) ludicrously expensive hotel in Crete?" "Good God, it is de rigueur to thieve from the buffet," reassured Moondog, "my DH once had seven different puddings from a buffet, just because he could." Others were not so impressed. "It's stealing," declared WannaBe, "if it was a take away buffet then that's different, but it's all you can eat, not all you can fit in your handbag." Pointydog was concerned about the operational logistics, while Onceinalifetime was of the firm opinion that "if you go to a 5 star hotel, you should try and behave like a 5 star guest" and Mum2taylor agreed, "yes, you should only take food from the buffet if you are in a 3 star hotel or less."

Still on a holiday theme, Slur was pondering Poncetastic things when camping, and wondered, "would taking thyme be a step too far?" MrsBates recalled a camping trip where "a German family brought a plastic white picket fence and Astroturf, then sat in their little compound all day watching telly," while Fennel recalled how she "was reading my children wholesome classic bedtime stories but was outclassed in literary terms by the woman in the next door tent reading unabridged Shakespeare to her 8 and 6 year olds."

Expectant Twiggle vexed the pregnancy boards this week with her query about the safety of bleach during pregnancy; unfortunately it wasn't the blonde bombshell look she was after but rather bleaching of a more intimate nature, which her DH had arranged, "as a birthday treat." "Surely there are more suitable birthday treats out there?" suggested Ellideb and Thisisyesterday agreed, "Wouldn't you have preferred a nice handbag or something?" "Seriously - if that's a 'treat', I hate to think what happens if he's pissed off," worried RhinestoneCowgirl. Twiggle expressed a desire to look neat and tidy for the birth but Ledodgy felt compelled to burst her bubble, "Oh dear, there really is no point bleaching your anus when in 8 months your fanjo will look like a car crash."

What do your parents/in-laws do that is odd but not nasty? asked Martianbishop, whose mother-in-law uses six pegs on every item of laundry and "then complains that I don't have enough pegs." Maidamess's father-in-law has a special code so that they know he is ringing, "he lets it ring 3 times. He hangs up before we answer and then calls again." Cremolafoam's mother sunbathes standing up, "she stands on the beach in a big floppy hat and sunglasses reading her book, turning occasionally like a roasting chicken on a spit" and Greenlawn's MIL makes her husband wear paper pants the last couple of days before they go on holiday "so she doesn't have any washing to do by the time they leave." Now there's a useful summer holiday tip for all of us busy mums!


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