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Talk Roundup
19 October 2007

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What's the most embarrassing thing you've done in pregnancy due to 'pregnancy brain'? asked Moominsmummy, who was enjoying her morning swim until she realised that she was still wearing her bra under her swimming costume. Muppetgirl and son took the dogs for a walk until half way through their stroll her son wondered "Mummy, where are the dogs?" ProfYaffle got busy homemaking in the kitchen, "I made Delia's Ultimate Carrot Cake and forgot to put the carrots in" although she was positive about her mistake, "it was still Ultimate Cake." Tweetyfish obviously didn't know her limits because, when in a car park which contained only one other car, she managed to reverse into it, "at speed, because the car park was practically empty so I felt confident."

Back into the Mumsnet archives this week to find the origins of the Stealing Grapes legend, which can be traced back to the 2003 thread Eating in the supermarket. Tallulah kicked off proceedings by expressing her concern at witnessing a small child eating a bag of grapes, "She must have had 1/2 lb, so that's about 50p? This is theft and if everyone did it then the supermarkets losses would be passed on to everyone." Tinker agreed but could not see the problem with "a pre-priced French stick." Greedy Tossum liked to go the whole hog, "I eat loads of stuff so I don't have to pay for it: bunch of grapes, or some olives for starters, then off to the meat counter for raw steak (fillet of course), or a fish if it's Friday, then a load of cheese. I get caught sometimes because the blood runs down my chin." "It's funny what people can get worked up about" mused Mammya ...


... who would no doubt be watching in horror at this week's controversy over ceiling lights. "I am so tired of being asked out for dinner and having to sit under a 100 watt bulb in someone's lounge. It is like eating in a bus-station!" moaned a particularly grumpy and ungrateful Mumsnetter, "And everyone looks old and haggard! What is the matter with you people?" Jojay thought the lighting might be strategic, "I am young and beautiful and a 100 watt bulb only emphasises this more." Katwith3kittens has a regular guest who requests an overhead light, "so she can 'see what she is eating'. I don't know what she is looking for though. Maybe next time I'll put a plastic spider in her dinner." BroccoliSpears also sympathised after a babysitter greeted them with cups of tea under their big central light, "by the time she left both DP and I had developed nervous tics."

So why do some grown women call each other "hun" every second word online? pondered Hunkermunker, who had noticed heavy usage of the word on the For Sale boards, "Ur buggy's cheep and narsty, hun, and u want to rob me, hun." Sheherazadethegoat found it amusing, "it is hilarious when they are fighting and still use hun. I don't want them to stop." Hunxox explained that it was "online gritted teeth" and TellusMater thought it was similar to "passive-aggressive smiley use." MaryBleedinShelley was disapproving, "I would rather someone called me 'twat' than 'hun'." Well you're in the right place then, hun xxx.