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Talk Roundup
12 October 2007

October's book of the month Well, the votes are in and Hisham Matar's debut novel, In The Country of Men, will be the Mumsnet Book Club's inaugural read and what's more the author himself has promised to join in our online chat about the book on the 30th. So if you haven't yet bought it why not do so now.

I have a really bad headache and now I owe a nun a fruit salad sighed Califright, "I was meant to be taking a bowl of fruit to the choir rehearsal tonight but my eye is killing me... The person in charge of snacks is a Nun. How far down the smiting list is owing fruit salad to a nun?" "There are worse things you could do," advised theologian Twofalls, "You could owe a lemon drizzle cake to a priest." More Nun angst this time for Aimsmum, who, after a spot of trouble with a nasty nun on playground duty, asked, If I fantasize about slapping a nun, will I go to hell? Sheherazadethegoat assured her this was normal, "Nuns are crazy. If the head doesn't sort it out demand a meeting with the nun and don't let her give you any of that nun shit." Although she added that on the bright side, "your little girl will grow up with lots of evil nun anecdotes and possibly a best selling novel." Pagwatch's mum is in her 70s but "still has to restrain herself if she comes within 100 feet of a nun. I have to remind her they are DIFFERENT NUNS!" but Sheherazadethegoat begged to differ, "They are the same nuns, they keep recycling them. Let your mother at them."

Next up with confession was Lisalisa, I have just done the most horrendous thing in the world! In her rush to get her 8 year old son off to school, she had thrown his lunch things in the bag she had used for swimming the day before - and forgotten to removed her knickers. "The said underwear was not terribly perfumed having been worn all day" she whispered, "Should I pull DS from school?" The general consensus was a horrified scream of YES, "I have visions of children with a stick waving said big knickers around like a flag" shuddered Elescarybells. In the end Lisalisa decided to ring her son at school and explain the situation, while her son stood holding the phone in front the headteacher, secretary and assistant, all of whom were no doubt wondering what urgent family matter was causing her son to exclaim, "A pair of your what in my bag mummy?"


Jellybrain quite rightly observed You need to be thick skinned for this parenting lark after being reprimanded by her children for her terrible singing. Spagblog sympathised, "DD has also on occasion told me to stop singing as 'It's making DS cry and me feel sick.'" Milkymil's daughter had her reaching for the tweezers when she asked, "When I'm bigger I will have big boobies like you; will I have big eyebrows like you as well?" And Melpomene was a bit put out when, during a game of "I spy with my little eye: something yellow" her DD1 shouted, "Your teeth are yellow, Mummy!"

We're spinning threads for you from 2002 and storming into the Mumsnet Classic Charts is PaulaL's, What should I do about husband's demands? Her husband thought their sex life needed spicing up, "He suggested that we try some experimentation, which I was reasonably happy to go along with, until he said that he wanted us to dress as animals (his suggestion was horses). I wouldn't say that I am a prude, but I felt a bit taken aback." Amelia was confused, "Is it a panto thing where you are both in the same costume?" Wickedwaterwitch proposed "wearing horsey clothes instead. I'm thinking of Jilly Cooper 'Riders' stylie." ScummyMummy's was not persuaded: "Just say neigh." Giddyup!