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Talk Roundup sponsored by Numberjacks
9 November 2007

The award-winning super-hero Numberjacks are back with a brand new DVD for Christmas, Numberjacks: Standing by to Zoom. Bursting with comedy and adventure, there's also an exclusive bonus CD featuring three audio stories. The hit CBeebies series follows the loveable Numberjacks as they use their special powers to battle Meanies and solve problems in the real world. Interactive and entertaining, Numberjacks encourages children to have fun with numbers before starting school.

Which work department contains the largest number of b'stards? asked Pointydog, "I think Human Resources wins hands down." HR Manager Llareggub agreed that HR departments were bad, pointing out that "some have discarded the Human Resources title for Human Capital." Pointydog thought they should just cut to the chase, "They should call themselves Human Mince." But for Southeastastra the Sales Team takes the prize, "when a sale was made in our office, they let off an airhorn. Hours of fun for everyone." Irrespective of how many bastards work there, HairyIrene offered a word to the wise about how to climb that greasy office pole, "Never, on any account, offend the Post Room."


Charliegal, infuriated by the platitude "happy mummy, happy baby" initiated this week's campaign: Phrases we would like to see banned on Mumsnet. Doodledootoo wanted to ban "disingenuous" because it was "just a posh way of saying 'You thick bint!'" Threadworm's complaint was poster-specific, "I feel queasy when Pelvicfloornomore says 'pmsl'." Hekate wanted to ban anyone from "drawing a line" during an argument, and urged Tech "to fix it so that anyone who typed the words 'Line Under It' got a 10,000 volt electric shock as they pressed post."

Fun with friends - superb, exclusive offer from Luxury Family Hotels. As part of a Festival of The Sea taking place at the beautiful Fowey Hall Hotel, join award winning Head Chef Daren Bale (in Cornwall for one day only - dashing and funny!) for cooking with chef on Tuesday 13th Nov - either 10.00 - 12.00 or 18.00 - 20.00. Mumsnetters can book for just 15 per person (incl light refreshments) and if you fancy making an evening of it then rooms can be booked at the very special discounted rate of 110 B&B - just 55 per person. Lots of lovely festive shopping to be done in the beautiful shops in Fowey to 01726 833866.

Why do people have a problem with the Bratz dolls? asked an innocent Kerrykatona "are they a waste of money or do they fall apart easily?" "They are mini hookers" informed an indignant LadyVictoriaOfCake, and SueBarohoHo agreed, "Bratz babies are the worst - heavily made up 'toddlers' in hooker-chic." Bratz brought back bad memories for poor Elffriend, to whom "they look like the slapper girls at school who were bullies, couldn't spell their own name and used to boast about how often they had 'done it' and how big a one they could take." Kerrykatona still didn't really see what all the fuss was about, "the one in our house is naked with no feet, I can't even remember what it used to wear." Now that doesn't sound like a very nice role model for young ladies, does it?

Back in the Mumsnet classic archive, we track down the origins of Nice Ham in the thread Do you ever find left over notes in shopping trolleys or elsewhere? Cod issued a challenge, "next time you find a shopping list in your trolley you are to hold on to it tight and report in." In this thread you will find many Mumsnetters scrabbling around the floors of Waitrose caught up in the thrill of the chase to find such gems as "1. Slim Fast 2. Jammie Dodgers." Catsmother struck gold in Tesco, "'Eggs. Loo roll.' AND it was in a trolley. I'd have thought a basket would've done." Hornbag shrieked with excitement, "Half the fun is trying to get your hands on the list without looking mad!" Forgive me, but I think that's the least of your worries.