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Talk Roundup
2 November 2007

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It was chaos this week after Tech fiddled with his Etch-a-sketch once too often and "updated" the look of Mumsnet Talk. There was much panic and breathing into paper bags while Mumsnetters stumbled for the light switch to shed some light on what the heck was going on. PeachyFleshCrawlingWithBugs did not approve, "It's like staring at the sun too long." Nor Wickedwaterwitch, "It's like I went out leaving discreet minimalism and came back to a fking Travelodge". Some were in favour of the new look, though, including the simpering Carmenere who thought that Tech was "very handsome clever." Fortunately for the old-timers who like their lives beige with a brown trim, you can revert to Mumsnet Classic with the click of a button. Even the BBC saw fit to comment, "Mumsnet mums go in to meltdown: Mumsnet revamps 'talk boards' but faces the wrath of angry mums." (OK it was really the boys in the server room, but it was a v. good effort.)

A difficult week for MrsMills in Sweden, mother of a 3 year old, who was recovering from possibly the most embarrassing thing ds2 has ever done - while in the changing rooms after swimming, "An older naked lady was standing at her locker fumbling around for something, when ds2 goes up to her, puts his hands on her buttocks and tries to part them. He wanted to see what was in there." Poor Mrs Mills, "I just stood there, rooted to the spot and mouthed 'förlåt' (Swedish for sorry)." Fortunately "she was really sweet about it. She just turned round slowly and patted him on the head."


Who's awake? Please someone be awake! shrieked Expatinscotland who was suffering from a Halloween Trick of a positive pregnancy test following a night of too many Treats a few weeks ago. "Those ones you dip in pee. I just did five of them and they're all registering two lines. They're all lying, I'm sure." But it looked like Expatinscotland was up the duff, after she confessed that "we were watching those Sexcetera shows and I got this bright idea about vegetable oil." "Classic vinaigrette?" hoped an optimistic Pooka. "So that's why they call it Stork" mused SweetTrickorTreatFA. (And while we're on the subject, don't forget to fill in our Anchor Butter survey.)

It was not such a happy Halloween for lots of grumpy Mumsnetters this week, including Boogalooblue who asked, Am I being unreasonable to think that trick or treating should be made illegal? "I am fed up with children coming round banging on front door, shouting 'trick or treat' and expecting vast quantities of sweets in return." SueBarooeeooeeooooo had had a solution: "set up the iron man traps on the drive" but the Tip Of The Day came from Squiffy, who advised, "the way to get through the evening is to leave a sign on the door saying "help yourself to sweets", and underneath place a bucket, empty except for one or two random sweet wrappers... everyone will assume they got there too late and move on."

On the other side of the fence sat ShinyHappyPurpleSeveredHeads, poised with a brightly lit pumpkin and a "huge bucket" of sweets, moaning Where are our trick or treaters? Thegrowlygus was equally unimpressed with her visitors, "A rather lacklustre Darth Maul aged about 13 (costume = mask and normal t shirt/jeans combo - Darth Maul on his night off obviously). Pleasingly the trick is on him however as he couldn't see properly through his mask and so has taken some nice healthy organic fruit pieces." Things were also quiet for a sad Kitsandbits, "I'm sat here dressed as a cat and no one's knocking." It happens to the best of us.


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