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Talk Roundup
22 June 2007

Huge thanks to everyone who has signed up so far to become a Mumsnet Local Tsarina. We've now got lots of the country covered, but there are still a few vacancies in places like Glasgow, Hackney and Bournemouth (and just a few areas in between). If you think you might be interested in helping, click here for the full list of towns and areas still waiting to be claimed.

It's been all sex and baking controversies this week on Mumsnet, with emotions running high. "I am so fed up with seeing Marslady Lemon drizzle cake recipe all over this site" grumbled BogStandard, "She didn't invent it… It's just pure madness." "Yes, yes, we all know she didn't pull it out of her own brain per se," explained Suzywong, "but everyone likes the opportunity to type a double zz and be part of a micro community. And there's nowt wrong with that." Lemonaid agreed, "My mother has a recipe for a lemon tart in her book of handwritten recipes, headed 'Gail's Lemon Tart' because her friend Gail gave her the recipe. I strongly suspect that Gail didn't invent the bloody thing, though, because ultimately there's only so much you can do with pastry, lemons, sugar and eggs." ChippyMinton concurred, "Delia has a recipe for boiled eggs. I strongly suspect this is not all her own work." And Chipmonkey was full of acronymic outrage, "We call it Marslady's LDC because for those MNer's who were LDC virgins, it was she who brought LDC to MN!"

From Lemon drizzle to Victoria sponges as Slubberdegullion nervously enquired about the Rules for Village Show Victoria Sponge Cake. "I am taking the plunge and am going to enter a Victoria Sponge Cake into our local village show. But I am a little afraid as I know there are rules but these rules are not written down. If you have to ask, well, you shouldn't be entering (well that's what I am sensing)." Experienced villager Oenophile boasted that she won third prize with her cake last year, "I'm definitely entering again this year because the joy - the pure, sensual joy! - of seeing a little blue card next to my cake was second to none." For pictures of Mumsnetters' Victoria Sponge Cake efforts see The MN Cake Competition Picture Trail, or if your preference on the competitive cooking front is for other light baked goods, why not join in the Mumsnet Village Show - Cupcake Competition?

Not content with baking, WaaaayTMI posed Questions about bum sex that frankly would be quite out of place at the W.I. "This is a bit much for a Monday morning!" objected Southeastastra, "I'm still eating my Shreddies." But others were happy to explore the realm of marital anal etiquette ("Just sort of wander casually towards his bumhole next time and give it a little push, see what he says," advised sexpert Lou33). Meanwhile AbRoller told of a friend who liked to be ironed, "on all fours with a tablecloth draped over him." Lou33 was horrified, "Ironing?!!! Not in my bloody house! That's just a step too far."

"Alpha mums turn parenting into a serious issue and motherhood into martyrdom, and the result is nobody has any fun" quoted Twiglett who had sensibly curled up with the Sunday Papers, "Beta Mums are raising confident happy children… You can tell what a Beta Mother's children had for breakfast by looking at her jeans, she runs out of petrol on the school run and her house is in a state of perpetual clutter." Scores of Mumsnetters rejoiced that they could finally belong to a proper demographic mummy group. As a buoyant Jackie2kids put it, "Thank God! Does this mean we can put the telly back on and get the Fruit Shoots out again?" Not quite yet dear, not quite yet.