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Talk Roundup
27 July 2007

The FruitShoot award for the Unexpectedly Controversial thread of the week went to Oriole: "Am I Being Unreasonable? To ask my MIL to rinse dishes after washing up with Fairy? I had a talk with her about this, but still I see some foam in salad bowls and cups." A bitter debate ensued with Mumsnetters across the country clashing over the issues of Rinse versus Drain. Donnie was in Oriole's camp, "Unrinsed dishes are vile, vile, vile - may as well pour the washing up liquid straight into your mouth!" And Brangelina agreed that it was a "very yucky British habit. I've lived all over the world and only the Brits leave suds on their washing up. When we lived in the UK I always used to decline offers of washing up, unless it was from good friends." Others felt that rinsing was a waste of time and water. "Oh no!" lamented Katy44, "Another great MN divide."

When having a smear, has the nurse ever found it hard to find your cervix? Was the slightly ominous question posed by a worried Pointydog, "It was very odd. Just how roomy is it in there?" Lou33 knew just where she was coming from, "Every single time. Mine is very high and tilts to the side." As did SpamFritter, "Much squatting, coughing and lifting of buttocks goes on. Most embarrassing" Suey2 always asks for the "the special long, thin speculum" which impressed Katy44, "I didn't realise you could choose your own speculum - can you get a catalogue so you can choose in the privacy and comfort of your own home?"

Can't get a word in, moaned MhamaiJane, who was finding it hard to keep up with her sexy, French boyfriend's constant chatter. Mumsnetters helpfully suggested various techniques to convey boredom, but MhamaiJane felt their approach in general too subtle, "I've actually nearly fallen asleep, so looking bored has probably been covered at this stage." "Where did you meet him?" asked TnOgu. "On a chat line," confessed a blushing MhamaiJane.

One day I woke up and there was Jesus I was amazed nonetheless I had my breakfast was the striking start to a religious short story penned by SixKindsOfCrisis' son this week. When Mrsmalumbas was little she set her mother on a course of lifetime paranoia when she wrote that, "My mummy has blonde hair and a shield shaped face." Popsycal's horrified mother read her sister's school confession, "I hate my mum when she burns my face with red hot tongs". Thankfully Popsycal clarified, "Those page boy hairstyles were a bugger to keep in order." And Mumsnetters will no doubt relate to another of SixKindsOfCrisis' son's literary works, this one a succinct poem; "My mum is on the floor moaning, My mum is on the floor moaning, My mum is on the floor moaning, Because she can't do some work until we go to school, But she wants to do some work now." And we all know what "work" is a code-word for, don't we, Mumsnetters?


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