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Talk Roundup
6 July 2007

Non-Alpha mums: what's been the funniest consequence of your chaotic household? asked MuddlingThrough, who took her children Trick-or-treating a day early and wondered why no one else was around. Diplodocus' DD looked bewildered when presented with a toy iron at nursery. "She picked it up, put it to her ear and said ‘Hello?'" Hippipotami regularly forgets to remove the bagged up dog poo from her pockets after walks, "Hence I often wash my dog poo." While Blu confirmed her Non-Alpha Mum credentials by causing a terrorist alert in Brixton, "Suddenly there was a loud bang, and I felt something hit my leg sharply. A traffic warden was shouting 'get out of the car, get out of the car' because he thought it was a gun attack...pandemonium...and then to my horror and shame I realised that the wet stuff on my leg was fermenting apple juice and the bang was caused by a half drunk bottle that had been festering in the car for days and which had blown its top."

With the rogue Atlantic jetstream scuppering all our hopes of any sort of summer, What if it rains? Is the question on the lips of scores of Mumsnetters in the midst of planning outdoor jamborees. Peachespaige is expecting "25 three year olds plus mothers" for a birthday party in a week's time and has booked a bouncy castle. "I'm in the same boat," cries BotBot, adding, "I hope not literally." Peachespaige has wisely decided to invest in a large gazebo and loads of bin bags, "cutting holes in them and letting the kids design their own macs." She's less confident about her party bags though, "I've ordered 24 pairs of funky sun glasses. Should have got umbrellas instead."

We enjoyed a Live Chat with the lovely India Knight on Monday night, so if you want to find out what she thinks about the important issues of the day, such as Special Needs policies and Crocs, do catch up here.

Cod wanted to know what Things people say in shops that piss you off. Ahundredtimes can't abide being asked whether she is looking for anything special, "No, I'm looking for something completely dreary and common." IntergalacticWalrus feels uncomfortable when cashiers over-share, "I once went to a pub where this freaky girl behind the bar told me that she'd had a coil fitted that day. I nearly choked on my pint of Bombadier." Geekgirl concurred, "the ASDA checkout assistant cheerfully told me, ‘ooh, I love Weetabix, can't eat them though, they go straight through me what with my IBS, most things just go straight through and I just end up having to run for the toilet.' Ah, well, thanks for that."

And finally, Mumsnet hit the news this week after Mumsnetters protested to the Odeon Cinema that the advert for the Madeleine McCann campaign was not appropriate viewing for young children before the U-classified Shrek. Several members of the public joined Mumsnet to disagree with the complainants, including Bigmamie, who was disgusted at the Madeleine McCann/Shrek debate and thought it showed a lack of compassion from parents "with their arms around their own children, in the comfort of a cinema, feeding their children popcorn and Coke." An indignant ComicbookGuy was understandably offended, "This is Mumsnet you know. I don't think Coke would be being served."


Help find Madeleine. Madeleine McCann has been missing for over two months. For more information see the website