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Talk Roundup of 2007
21 December 2007

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This week we had a jolly time around the fire recalling our favourite threads of 2007, and here follows a roundup of the highs and lows of the last 12 months on Mumsnet Talk.

This year saw the launch of the Mumsnet Classics, our own little archive of the paradigm-shifting threads that make Mumsnet history. This year's memorable addition to the archive was What Not To Do - The Stupidity Thread, which contained oodles of good advice from Mumsnetters including Countingthegreyhairs, who admonished, "do not announce to colleagues in your best French that you are 'pregnant' and 'on heat' when you are neither." Jellybelly2007's husband cautioned the boys amongst us not to hunt in a darkened bathroom for some lubrication, thereby avoiding picking up self-tanning lotion, and waking the next day "with a spectacularly orange willy and right palm."

2007 has been the year of the pram-collecting Huns on the For Sale and Swap boards, which inspired Cod to advertise earlier in the year, "i want a farkaboo in snot green for a loollyw**k please cna wyou swop. ta hun. Xxx." Wrinklytum offered "a farkaboo in sludge grey, will this do, hun?" but Cod was not biting, "sorry hun then I can't do it. Can I have Quinny Prat in shit brown." Nomdeplume claimed that she owned a "Stinki Xpolorer in helmet purple" and EricGallagher confessed "i av got 46 buggiez now but i aint got a farkaboo yet oh my god dh will kill me if i get anover one. email me"

Back in May, Mumsnet finally settled their long running dispute with with baby "guru" Gina Ford, aka She Who Must Not Be Named, following Gina Ford's threat to close the site after Mumsnetters' may or may not have compared her to a terrorist. But the acronym will stick, "Can I still call her SWMNBN?" asked Suejonez, "I've kinda got used to it now and it has a certain ring to it..."

In the summer, a casual discussion about Guardian columnist Jon Ronson's speaking voice got backs up in the Ronson household, and our nattering was interrupted by an irate post from his wife, "I am Jon Ronson's wife. I have a suggestion for you all: just don't read his columns/features/books and you will save yourselves a few hissy fits." "Lol, how needy!" giggled Moondog but Mrs Ronson had the last word (well, nearly), "Seeing how much time you all spend on Mumsnet I can't believe you are mums. Are you all in institutions?"

Mumsnet made a lot of fish and chip paper in 2007. In April, the Telegraph reported that the Odeon cinema chain had withdrawn advertisements for the Madeleine McCann campaign from family film showings after Mumsnetters complained that the phrase "snatched from her bed" was unsuitable for young audiences; in May, our settlement with Gina Ford was widely reported; in August, the Telegraph detailed a nail-biting night on Mumsnet, when we all followed Misdee's husband Peter's successful heart transplant; in October, the BBC reported Mumsnetters' opposition to outdated baby-rearing techniques advocated by Claire Verity on Channel 4's Bringing up Baby Programme, and that was just some of the noise we made. Others made noise about Mumsnet too - Prime Minister Gordon Brown cited us as a "great internet organisation" and we received the thumbs-up from Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks. Plus Caitlin Moran went on about Cod a lot.

At the beginning of 2007, Mumsnetters were shocked and saddened to hear of the sudden death of the little daughter of ggglimpopo, and in May 2007, in over 60 locations, over 500 Mumsnetters and their families walked A Mile For Maude, raising over £15,000 for the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths. And in a fitting end to the year, we have received the lovely news that Maude's mother has given birth to a baby boy - not quite in a stable perhaps, but to a huge amount of joy all round.

Happy Christmas to all mums, new and old; have a lovely festive break and catch you in on Mumsnet Talk in 2008!