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Talk Roundup
24 August 2007

Mumsnetters were glued to their screens for Misdee's rollercoaster summer holiday drama, Peter has a heart, His little girls have their daddy, come and share in the joy! Misdee's hubby, 28 year-old Peter Williams, finally had a heart transplant at Harefield on August 15th. Misdee and Peter's press coverage included an article in the Mirror, and in the six days following it's publication, 25,000 people signed the organ donation register. In Misdee's Blog she paid tribute to Peter's donor, "The world seems brighter somehow, I can't explain it, I really really can't, but life is better already. Thank you forever and a day, whoever you are."


No summer holiday is complete without a bit of tent crisis, but Can a camping trip be labelled a complete and utter failure if you give up at 3.30am and retreat to your Mother's spare bedroom? asked tent virgin Slubberdegullion, who sought the joys of the camping life in her parents' back garden. Her tale of woe included burnt sausages, children "sleeping on 300 blankets" after her posh camp-beds failed to arrive, and her DH shouting: 'I'm so angry I'm going to shatter into a thousand pieces.'" There followed, inevitably, a night of rain. "Awoke to the sound of dd1 vomiting and was unable to free myself. Cue five minutes of struggling/cursing to extricate myself from the blessed thing. Vomit in new sleeping bag. DD1 coughing so hard also shat herself a bit." Seasoned tent-lover Riven advised her to get back straight in the saddle, notwithstanding that during one of her own camping trips to the New Forest she had to chase a horse out of the tent, "Unfortunately it didn't use the door so as I stood contemplating the horse shaped hole the heavens opened… Some days later Slubberdegullion's posh camping equipment finally arrived, "Oh they are all so lovely and diddy. I want to go and try again."

Has anyone ever had an exorcism performed on their children? Asked RosemaryWoodhouse, "My sweetheart's nephew could be suffering from demonic possession! I know it's not cool to consider this sort of thing in this day and age but this boy scares me." Aitch tried to advise but Madamez reprimanded her, "You don't read nearly enough crappy horror fiction. Splash your lips, nostrils, ears, eyes, fanjo and ringpiece with holy water before exorcizing and there will be no unexpected demonic intrusions in the 'nine openings of the body'." Aitch admitted she was out of her depth, "That's where I'd fuck it up, I'd miss a hole and I'd suck up a demon quick as a wink." Mhamai tried to help but was told off for her incorrect use of apostrophes, "Feckin pedants on a demon thread, typical!"

Polite CamileMotherOf2 was Looking for a nanny - May I look here? – and was optimistically seeking a 100 a week Norland Nanny for her 4 bed Kensington home, "I would also appreciate it if my nanny was slim." SlimNanny was quick to post, "I am a nanny I am just what your looking four I am a size 10 I love children and fashion so am always very well turned out I have a good accent and think mammers is very impotent." But SkeletalNanny was swift with her competitive pitch, "Ignore that SlimNanny bitch. Pick me! I'm thinner!" Looking for a Governess - may I look here? asked Sobernow, "Are you a spinster with no hope of attracting a husband? Have you sublimated your sexual urges by learning Latin and Embroidery? Are you in want of £7 a year?" but warned that due to her demanding husband, "You may be called upon to press rather more than the children's clothes." Looking for a Sex Slave - may I look here? asked WelshBoris – well you could see that not much housework was getting done that afternoon…


Give the gift of life Join the NHS Organ Donor Register. Right now more than 8,000 people in the UK need an organ transplant that could save or improve their life. But each year around 400 people die while waiting for a transplant. If you want to help someone live after your death, sign up to the register now. Click to find out more. Organ Donor Line 0845 60 60 400


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