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Talk Roundup
20 April 2007

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I have turned into a proper mother - when the hell did THAT happen? Asked Suejonez this week, who had to restrain herself from tying the laces of a tall, slim, city woman dressed in a suit and scruffy, unlaced, sneakers, "all I could think was, ‘she's going to break her neck.’" MintChocChippyMinton was about to take her parents to the airport, but not before she asked if either of them needed a wee. While Misdee announced ‘Look, moo cows!’ to her father on a car journey and Colditz shouted "Oh look, a TRACTOR!!!" to her taxi driver. Scrapper reported that Dads are no different, "Yesterday, my other half blew on my dinner for me."

Am I being unreasonable? to think adults who wear Disney character clothing are odd? Demanded Nailpolish, "Honestly, why would a grown adult wear a jumper with Eeyore on it?" TinyGang sympathised. It turned out she was once the lucky recipient of a pair of ginormous Mickey Mouse slippers, "It looked like Mickey was trying to mate with your feet when you put them on." Expatinscotland’s friend knew she had met her soulmate when he visited her house and "read her some Winnie the Pooh. I was shocked. She just didn't seem the Pooh type." While pity poor Jellyhead who made the horrifying discovery that a colleague "had 4 massive Winnie the Pooh toys sat around her dining table. I wanted to scream. I would have been less frightened if she showed me a knife collection."

Inspired by the very red-headed Mil Millington, Littlelapin initiated Things my DP and I have argued about. Vegetable preparation it seems is a hot topic in many Mumsnetter’s homes; Harpsichordcarrier has argued over "the correct way to chop carrots", Bozza and her DH have quarrelled over cabbage, and SlightlyMadSecret insists on "slicing my onions at right angles to the root. He slices them parallel to the root - I think that makes them stringy...." Many others, such as Twinsetandpearls, have fallen out over which rubbish goes into the recycling bin, which inevitably led to "DP and I hurling rubbish at each other."

You know you use Mumsnet too much when.... "You lock yourself out of your computer at work trying to log in with your Mumsnet password" confessed Calvemjoe. "Your children are feral and no one has any clean pants." suggested Sallyheartshapedstrawberry while Chocolateface went a step further, "Your DH/DP uses the word fanjo" But all those pale in comparison to poor Nallydoolally, who has contracted a nasty case of Mumsnet Syndrome, "I look awful, I feel awful, I need to wear sunglasses during the day, my mind is a whirl of acronyms, I use the phrase ‘there was a thread on Mumsnet’ far too often … but mostly, I do believe my laptop CANNOT be turned off before 1am." We’ve all been there!


We've just introduced Mumsnet Local: a guide to all the best stuff for parents and kids in the UK, broken down by geographic area. It is still very much in its infancy, so will you please, please take a look and fill it up with lots of great listings in your area and beyond or it will be rubbish? Thanks so much, MN Towers.