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Talk Roundup
13 April 2007

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I can’t help but feel that motherhood and lack of sleep has taken its toll on my cognitive abilities, but even I felt much better about myself after reading the thread What is the most stupid thing you have ever thought? Bobbiewickham, it turned out, believed that “Cauliflower cured whooping cough because my mother told me it did when I was three… I was seventeen before I realised the truth.” MrsCellophane’s Father in Law, when he first tried to use an ATM, “put his card through the bank's letterbox.” MrsApron was appalled to see a large Alsatian driving the car behind, until it dawned on her that the car was a left-hand drive vehicle and there was even more road rage from Charleesunnysunsun who nearly crashed her car with indignation when a Police Officer made a ‘wanker’ sign at her. “I was so irate until I realised he was telling me to fasten my seatbelt.”

Heated Ethical Debate of the Week was Am I being unreasonable? To take the body lotion and soap from a £250 a night hotel? Mum2sons celebrated her wedding anniversary in a boutique hotel, departed with the body lotion and soap stashed in her bags, only to receive a letter asking for her to return the items for “the future enjoyment of guests”. So can you pinch posh toiletries? “Only if they are 'travel size',” declared Imawurzelcoveredinchocolate. Cappuccino disagreed, “She bleeding well nicked them.” Others, like Expatinscotland thought that toiletries were fair game, “To write to a guest and demand petty items back? That's so incredibly gauche.” Still, Mum2sons duly returned the said items but sadly the psychological scars remain with her, “I have been dreaming of being rounded up and put in an orange jumpsuit and taken to Guantanamo. This could be the start a soap phobia, I could start being really smelly, lose my Dh to a more fragrant woman, lose my job due to poor personal hygiene and have to fork out for cognitive behaviour therapy to gently re-introduce myself to soap.”

Madoldcatlady is thinking of moving house and has seen a lovely cottage but quite naturally wanted Mumsnetters’ opinions on her possible future home address, “Would you buy a house on Cock Lane?” AnnabelCaramel offered a sensible solution, “Pronounce it Coke.” IntergalEGGticWalrus (who used to live at Lickey End) thought it could be worse. She occasionally visits the Bell public house on a Cock Lane, “So this Cock Lane has a Bell end.”

SenoraPostrophe decided that “a proper debate which isn't about blardy weaning” was required so she kicked off with What has feminism ever done for us? Carmenere waded in: “It has allowed me to learn to use a computer to find out that I'm feeding my baby wrong” but was immediately silenced, “No mention of spoons!” declared SenoraPostrophe. “I HATE hearing that feminism is irrelevant as we've all got equality!” stormed Sophable, “Makes me choke on my wine.” And a close reading of the thread revealed she was by no means the only one partaking of alcohol. Nevertheless SenoraPostrophe concluded that she was most pleased with her debate and promised us more of the same, "I think this is my most successful debate thread ever. I think I'll have one every Monday.” Must remember to get some wine in.


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