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Have you ever dealt with a victim mentality boss?

Ishcia · 13/08/2020 15:02

Hello MN!

I've finally realised my boss has a victim mentality. She has always had issues with the other managers (personally i think because she only ever wants things her way). I stupidly felt sorry for her and ended up, pretty much every meeting, listening to her woes.
I've come to realise that this is not my job and she gets paid, as my manager to not off load this to me.
Recently a colleague of mine told me my boss plays the victim card all the time to turn their staff against the other managers. Now I can't unthink this!

I find it manipulative. She forever feels sorry for herself even though she makes me do all her work and never takes responsibility for any issues. Weirdly she is very argumentative with her boss even though she says she's powerless over things that might help me - for example other work colleagues being tricky. She shirks all responsibility.

So my question is how do i deal with this? I do not want to leave my job. I know that she is looking for other roles but I would love to hear about any tips that have been helpful in the meantime.
Thanks so much :)

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