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Thoroughly fed up with job search... any words of wisdom?

MrsMiss · 06/09/2019 09:58

In brief, I was a lecturer in an FE college (15 years) gradually went part-time (4 dcs). I was SAHM really - was working 1 day a week (supposedly to keep my hand in...) then over last three years separation, divorce, anxiety... depression. Stopped lecturing in 2018, and started my own business thinking I could work flexibly from home around children/school runs etc and could be more creative and... didn't make a single penny.

Head was not in the right place to be 'putting myself out there' and have just crawled deeper into depression, mental health-wise and financially. Was at risk of losing house, acrimonious financial settlement negotiations that went to court. Have now taken on payments for mortgage and stbx wants me to take his name off the mortgage deeds in February but obviously mortgage company will need to see evidence that I can pay the mortgage. Which I can't at present, on Universal Credit.

Have been to Job Centre and been told that I am over-qualified for the jobs I'm applying to, but as I don't want to return to lecturing there's no way round that. I have had several interviews now, (admin roles), and the feedback I get is 'not enough recent experience'.

Am unbelievably stressed (no money, 4 kids, no support) and can't cope with the constant rejection. I applied to be a TA at kids school, not enough experience... I have considered:

freelance writing
training to be a counsellor
re-training as a primary teacher
writing a book
medical secretary
ward clerk
learning mentor
HR trainee

I applied with my CV for a role that was advertised via a recruitment consultant and they provided some (uninvited) feedback on my CV which was that it was too passive, shouldn't have dates on, was too 'wordy'... It has been over 20 years since I was last in this soul-destroying position of trying to find a job. Not a dream job - just a job. Something so that I won't be homeless in February. My self esteem is on the floor. My job coach says perhaps I come across as desperate. Perhaps I do. But I am. Could anyone offer any (gentle) words of encouragement?

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QueenEnid · 06/09/2019 10:04

So sorry you're struggling @MrsMiss It's really hard trying to get back into the game.

It sounds like you're in panic mode at the moment and aren't putting your heart into anything because your motivation at the moment is just to get a job. I completely understand that but it doesn't look wonderful to employers.

What about taking a step back and giving yourself a week to think about what it is you want to do work wise?

What is it that you want?
What's the most important thing about work? Hours? Flexibility? Career?

The feedback from the recruitment agent might have been a bit sharp but is actually really good advice. Maybe just not very well timed! Give them a call and ask them to edit your cv for you. It's likely that you need a skills based cv rather than an experience based one if you're looking to change career.

If you want me to look over it I'm happy to do that for you x

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