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Full time or self employed. Why no other options?

TheBluephone · 16/05/2019 09:52

I have worked part time for the last twenty years. I want to continue working part time or full time locally (hours commute to any major town). I am honestly starting to think the only way to get a decent work life balance is to be self employed.

I am currently in a part time job of 3 months where all the staff are treated very poorly. The atmosphere is de-motivating. The boss turns up one day a week, swears and shouts at people and then says he doesn't want to run the business and we all should be sorting things out better. I am a management accountant (part of my job is payroll) and am regularly called into his office to have him tell me how lazy all the staff are. I ask him what he wants me to do and he says he just wants to let me know and I will work it out myself. Meetings take place in the middle of the office and people are shouted at.

My predecessors have all left due the bosses attitude, some of them in tears. He refuses pay rises, won't give paid time off for anything. Ensures any part day holidays are taken as full days. No Xmas meal, forced shut downs in the factory with an hours notice.

I am studying part time (accountancy exams) and can only do this whilst working part time as I have a full on home life.

It just seems that part time work isn't good work and a decent full time job will take 55 + hours a week including a commute. I'd just like something in between.

Just needed to offload. I can't be the only one in this position.

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Lazypuppy · 20/05/2019 22:06

I work FT but only live 10mins from work (main reason i applied). I could never do an hour commute twice aday.

My employer offer flexi too so great work/life balance. I work 7 30-4ish,and everyone leaves aroynd 1ish on a Friday.

Its about finding right employer/job

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