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Which product idea to put some effort in.

justbeginit · 14/01/2019 13:41

I have a few ideas for some products and wondered which one I should put the effort into. Which one makes the most money/gives the best lifestyle to us. Any feedback on the ideas would be great, really looking at starting something around the kids.

#1 coffee table opening into a play set.
Something that would look like an Ottoman or coffee table and could sit in the front room but when its opened it would look like a dolls house or train station. So the kids toys are in the front room and playable but when you have friends over it looks like a coffee table.

#2 chocolate for wine in a pub setting
When I have beer I eat crisps and nuts, my wife has a sweeter tooth but other than desserts the pubs/ bistro don't have an option for her.

#3 Healthy convenient snack for primary aged kids packed lunch. Something like Ella’s kitchen but for the older age group and cheeper than bear yoyo’s.

#4 city tour bus aimed directly at kids. Harry potter, london ghoast stories but aimed at kids rather than adults.

My youngest goes to school in august so will have more time on my hands and really want to be productive. My partner will kill me if I don't have a plan to do something as I can be a bit lax with the housework :)

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