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Taking on an unpaid assistant/work experience student

user1494426473 · 07/08/2017 17:32

I am a self-employed event planner. The business is still young and I am not earning enough to be able to take on a paid assistant, however now and then I could do with an extra set of hands to assist me at large events doing basic jobs such as fetching things for guests, helping set tables, helping me to decorate and generally pitching in when the event gets busy. I often receive emails from people wishing to gain experience in events offering to help out and having the option of taking on an assistant or student a few times a year would be extremely helpful ! My question is - as a self-employed individual are there any regulations or policies I have to abide by and would the arrangement be legal?

I would of course arrange with my business insurer to cover the assistant whilst working at events and I would happily cover their travel costs and lunch. In addition to the practical experience of helping me to run an event I would also be very happy to spend additional time with them discussing events in general, answering questions and offering advice and information on how to get into the industry. They would be welcome to do it as a one-off or to accompany me to multiple events throughout the year until they felt they had enough experience so hopefully it would be an ethical and mutually beneficial arrangement.

Have any other self-employed individuals here ever taken on an unpaid assistant and if so what hoops did you have to jump through/rules did you comply with?


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