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Any one else been in denial? I've gained a stone in 6 months!

CantstandmLMs · 02/01/2020 10:34

I have a Fitbit, MyFitnessPal and a digital scale linked to both and had always been steadily logging my weight on there until about 6 months ago...I became more and more aware I didn't want to know what the scales had to say as it wouldnt be good news!...well I was right. Took the plunge today and got on and I've gained 1 stone since June! I met my current partner in June also and I had said to him I reckon I've gained about a stone and he laughed saying no way...too nervous to tell him it's true lol.

Anyway...the logging of food and regular exercise starts today. I needed to see that! I'm starting couch to 5k again in a bit and I'll be logging calories into MFP I'll probably start with 1,500 as that'll still be a shock to the system after at least double that for a while.

So to anyone whose hesitating...just get on the scales! It's like a rocket up the arse!
Will weigh weekly.

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