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Tell me about your lipsuction/breast lift

Blueplasticwig · 13/07/2018 21:57

Hey, I’ve been around for a few years but have namechanged for this as it’s potentially outing.

Did you have normal lipo or the Vaser one, or a breast lift?
Did you get the results you wanted?
Where did you have it done (both whereabouts on your body and what clinic)?
How much did it cost?
What was the recovery time like?

My issue is that after a period of rapid weight gain due to an illness (which i’m now pretty much recovered from) my breasts sag to an extent which is very physically uncomfortable and quite horrible for me to look at. A huge amount of weight went onto my inner thighs, which realy restricts my ability to exercise (chafing and they really dont move past each other well iyswim) and therefore to lose weight. I’m not obese, just overweight, but I really do want to lose it.

Thanks Grin

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