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TMI warning! When dieting, do you...

Cuddlesandcannulas · 26/01/2018 13:49

... get a bit bunged up?

It happens to me every time I go on a diet! I'm so uncomfortable now. :(

I'm eating loads of fibre (porridge with prunes, linseed and fresh apple for breakfast for example), drinking lots of water, exercising regularly. I've even started having a caffeinated tea first thing to try to get things moving. I'm normally a decaff gal!

From looking at the NHS website, it looks like the only thing I can work on is going to the loo immediately when I feel the urge to go. It can be difficult when I'm a SAHM for a curious 2 year old. Despite trying to set him up with distractions, he'll often follow me in to the bathroom and try to climb on me when I'm trying to do what I need to do. Not relaxing!

Any tips? Please? Help!

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Cliveybaby · 26/01/2018 14:08

I have found the opposite tbh because I'm eating more vegetables...
But I was a bit bunged up after the Christmas carb-fest and took epsom salts to get it started! Rushed out of me then lol..
(don't do that on a day you have to go anywhere!)

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