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Losing weight after baby if you were chunky before...

RedPandaMama · 19/08/2017 19:12

My baby is only a week old, I'm definitely in no rush to crash diet and lose all the baby weight, but I'm starting to think about how to get back into an eating routine and be more generally healthy.

I'm going to start on 1st September, giving my body another 10 days or so to lose excess blood/water etc. I've not weighed myself since June but I'm estimating I'm probably about 220lbs, at 5'8, and currently wearing size 16 maternity clothes. I dont have a real weight goal in mind, I've always been 'bigger' but carried weight reasonably well and have big hips, bum and boobs and a smaller waist - not now though!

I haven't dieted or exercised at all (except walking lots) in over a year so my fitness level is basically zero. Before that I was a fan of HIIT, free weights and yoga, about 2 years ago I was a size 12-14 and 175lbs, and I was super happy at that size.

Anyone else looking to lose some (baby) weight sensibly?
Any eating plan ideas? - low carb high fat, vegetarian/vegan, macro counting - I'm open to anything and interested to see what works for others!
How and when should I get back into exercise? When I've searched online it always says about getting 'back into' working out, but if I didn't do it for the year before and I'm starting completely basic, it'll probably take longer for my body to be ready, right? What exercise should I start with? We recently moved house and there is a gym less than a 5 minute walk away, I'd love to start there, when would be reasonable to do that?

Excited and determined to be confident with my body once again! Smile

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Sparrowlegs248 · 19/08/2017 22:55

Hi Red, I have joined the Christmas weight loss thread. I have a 6 month old and 2 yr old and used to say "I've always been slim" but haven't been slim.really for a few years.

I'm 5"7 and 13St 3, 14/16. I'm.aiming for 2.5 some off.

I've struggled with diet the last couple of years. Pre babies I would do weight watchers with low carb, and weight would drop off, but I can't seem to do that when I'm either pregnant or breastfeeding. I've been one or the other, or both, since November 2014!!

I don't really get any time off to exercise so am aiming for brisk walks with babies in the double buggy, and sensible eating. Cutting out junk (used to buy chocolate every time I went out cakes and pastries, drive through KFC.....)

As for when to resume/start exercise, depends on how the birth was, any after effects, and how you feel. I'd say to be careful and start gently after at least six weeks.

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