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Any sales people or people who work with monthly targets want to try a new diet with me?

Ebayaholic · 14/01/2017 19:46

I have more than three stone to lose and spend pretty much all of my life trying and failing to lose weight. I'm crap at it and bloody miserable about it.

One thing I am good at however is meeting my monthly work sales targets. Sometimes we start strongly and can take it easier at the end of the month, other times we have to go hell for leather at the very end of the month if the start was a bit rubbish.

I've decided to apply these principles and my ability to reach targets to my diet. I've set myself a target to lose half a stone each month (that's less than I'd normally aim for but I'm trying to be realistic and do something sustainable) and basically once I've reached target for the month I can ease back. If it comes to the last week if the month and I haven't done it, I'll just get done Cambridge diet shakes and live off those for a few days, but otherwise I'm going to stick to low cal or low carb and a couple of clubbercise classes a week.

I am so motivated by targets and will plot the targets and the actual performance on spreadsheets in the same way we do sales at work. I've lost four pounds so far in January so only three to go with 17 days to do it in. Once I've lost the half stone I shall just maintain for the rest of the month- one of the main points of the diet is not to try and lose more as that's when I get demotivated.

Does anyone else want to join in? We can keep each other motivated.

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