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Neighbour parking on pavement

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ThePartyArtist · 26/06/2019 14:00

The house next door has just sold. New owner seems pleasant enough. His dad is there daily, helping do it up. I'm feeling a bit irritated that he and his dad are parking on the pavement outside our house. His dad in particular is leaving very little room for us or our other neighbour to get through with buggies. There is enough road that he really doesn't need to park on the pavement.

I'm not sure whether to say something. The guy seems very nice. Dad seems a bit odd from my one interaction with him - but may just have a strange sense of humour.

In some ways it may be easier to say something when they are new to the street. Plus the couple who've bought it are expecting a first baby so may empathise with the buggy issue.

However I want to keep relations good and get off to a good start. Particularly as we are currently having a dialogue with him about an extension he's doing.

Plus other people park on the pavement further down the street and I haven't said anything to them. His dad's car is a bigger issue cos it's right outside our house, by a lamp post so makes a very narrow gap for our buggy. That said - the other neighbours' visitors often park there too and I haven't said anything to them mainly cos they are here less often and leave a bigger gap. So maybe I'm being a bit of a hypocrite!

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jackernanna · 26/06/2019 16:33

OP you might want to ask MN to move this thread to a more suitable topic!

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