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Volunteering and charitable giving

Fund raising ideas needed please

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watchman2016 · 10/05/2016 23:04

The company I work for are helping the Princes Trust raise money for their 40th year this year.
A group of us have taken up a challenge to take £1500 and turn it in to £10k.
Alongside the normal bake sales, charity runs, bike rides, raffles, etc etc we need a really good way of raising money starting with the £1500,

What fundraising ideas have been really successful that you have seen in the past?
What would you buy for charity? I.e. What could we produce and sell that would be bought by a large number of people?
We can raise money and add it to the starting fund so can produce a book, or some sort of product, doesn't. Just have to be an event.

Many thanks for any suggestions!

OP posts:
Brightredpencil · 23/05/2016 20:17

Cookery Book? Car washes? A Book entitled; how we made 10K from 1500?!

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