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Donating children's stuff to families in need

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meganorks · 23/07/2015 09:00

Just wondered if anyone knows if there are any charities that receive children's things to distribute directly to families in need? I keep wondering if there is something like this but searching on Google doesn't seem to result in anything. At a stage of finishing with baby products, toys, books etc so wondered if there is anything that is more directly helping out families who need this kind of stuff rather than donating to charity shops or giving to friends (which is what I currently do).

OP posts:
chairmeoh · 23/07/2015 09:02

Could you ask your local volunteer centre if they know whether there's a refuge that needs these items?

BrendaSmith56 · 22/09/2017 00:07

I gave all the baby equipment to the health visitor to pass on to families that needed stuff.

I have also given children's duvet sets in good condition and children's books to the Children's Centre.

CorSie · 22/09/2017 00:40

I've also been thinking about doing this! And no one I know seems to have heard of anything like it....weirdly! We currently have bags and bags of clothes, old toys, equipment, bedding and even leftover unopened packs of nappies DD has grown out of. I considered giving as much as possible to charity but I'd rather donate to families in need. I also tried a google search for my area and come up with no answers. As I don't intend on having any more kids I don't see the point in hanging on to everything, specially if they can go to someone in need!

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