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want to host a foreign uni student for a weekend?

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BillyJoel · 10/03/2014 23:04

We do this regularly and it is very interesting .....for those of us who can't afford to go on holiday but want to find out more about other cultures. Basically, there are lots of foreign students in the uk age 20 ish who want to find out more about the real way of life for normal families, usually quite different from their experiences in student world. They would like to make a weekend visit to families to see how it really is. We have had about 15 students over 15 years including Japanese, Mexican, German, chinese, indian, American. They have all been good fun at best and interesting at least, and it is great to find out from them how life really is in their country.

It's not for cash, though you do get about 20 quid per student per visit which pays for a chicken and a bottle of wine. But you, and in my case my kids, get to learn so much about another culture.

The charity that runs it is called Host UK, and they are trying to get more host families. I am doing a shameless plug for them as we have had good experiences with them over the years.

Hoping I am not breaking any MN rules here - i am not benefitting in any way from this - i just know it is a fab thing to do with the kids. Just google them or PM me. I am not clever enough to put a link to their website.....

Ask me any questions, or add to this thread if you have had host uk students.

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BillyJoel · 11/03/2014 18:31

Just bumping....

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