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Ninja Foodi / Air Fryer etc

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Glitterbiscuits · 12/08/2022 08:35

I read great reviews of these sort of things but are they worth it if you are meat free?
With electricity prices rocketing I wondered if I should believe the hype?

OP posts:
HuffleWoof · 12/08/2022 08:39

It's amazing. You can roast veggies in it to put in soups, it cooks, bakes, reheats, max crisp (frozen stuff cooked to perfection in 10 mins), it also has a dehydrate function.

DH isn't veggie and one of the drawers is his but we can cook his meal and any of my sides to finish cooking at the same time. It doesn't heat the kitchen up so it uses less energy.

I love mine

Glitterbiscuits · 12/08/2022 08:44

@HuffleWoof Thanks! Any thoughts on size? I have 3 greedy teenagers!
I worry that it may not be big enough.
Are they genuinely quicker than oven cooking?

OP posts:
Plainandsimple · 12/08/2022 08:48

I have one, it’s the air fryer/grill/roast/bake/dehydrate one, and love it! This week I grilled some flat mushrooms, added a blob of tomato purée mixed with Italian herbs, a slice of mozzarella (obvs would be vegan version for you) and ta-daa - mini ‘pizzas’ in 6 minutes! Veggie kebabs are also great, they produce the best chips ever, air fried Brussel sprouts are tasty - basically there are lots of non-meat things you can do with them and, having had a smart meter installed this week, surprisingly cheap to run. If you can find on QVC, take advantage of their 30-day trial offer - you can always send it back if you don’t like it.

Plainandsimple · 12/08/2022 08:51

Some things are quicker, the heat up time is a few minutes so that helps with speed. I roast baby potatoes in about 25 mins in the air fryer, takes about 45 mins in my gas oven. Frozen foods cook much quicker than in an oven, particularly on air fry or grill mode.

Glitterbiscuits · 12/08/2022 11:40

I like the QVC idea, that's genius!

OP posts:
AlternativelyWired · 18/08/2022 21:43

I love mine. We are veggie not vegan. Dd uses it for her Yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes combo and it's done in 15 minutes max. I've baked s chocolate chip ricotta cake in there and it was lovely and light and baked in 20-30 minutes if I remember correctly. I've only done it once and was a bit confused by the steam bake function. Chips are great from frozen or homemade. Burgers and chips are done in 15 minutes with next to no preheating required. Our regular oven is electric and Dd will want a croissant warmed up and I can't justify using the oven for that. 2 minutes in the ninja. I've not dehydrated fruit yet but will abc I'm going to use the slow cooker function in autumn winter so that we have something wholesome and warm ready for those darker days when we come in from school. I rarely use the oven now. I've not figured out the best way to do burgers and chips because the chips go in the crisper but the grill bit doesn't fit over it so I do the chips in the crisper then swap to the pot when I put the burgers in.

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