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Anyone going to Windsor this week? Or Firle? (as spectators)

Pixel · 24/08/2009 17:38

I'm off to Windsor on Thursday, my sister and I both won two tickets each in a draw when we went to Hickstead last month so we are able to take a friend as well. Not bad considering that we got into Hickstead on free tickets as well! I've just been reading about it in Horse and Hound and I'm getting quite excited now. There are demonstrations of parelli/sidesaddle etc and 200 trade stands. Better not take my credit card . Just got to sort out how to get there on the train now, as my sister and I are both too wimpy to drive .

Sunday, if it's nice we thought we'd have a family day at Firle with picnic etc. I'll get to watch the horses while pretending to dh we only went for the country fair .

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