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Computers to schools, how to get govement involved

roblet · 06/08/2021 14:02

Hi Teachers.

I've built a platform allowing for members of the public to send their old computers to the schools of students who need them, maybe currently learning from mobile phones and tablets.

We ask that each school wipe the computers to ensure that there is no spyware / malware on them.

It ensures and addresses to register as schools, removing the possibility of individuals to fraudulently register as schools.

On agreeing to send a computer the email addresses of both the sender and the contact for the school are exchanged with each other.

When a computer has been promised the donor has the option of submitting a tracking number.

Each school's representative can see what has been promised, what is on it's way and adjust the number of computers needed, as well as mark promised machines as void.

We have a demo site at // and a live site at //

I understand from a friend who is a teacher that this scheme must be whitelisted by the department for education in order for computers to be accepted over it. However the Dfe claim that these decisions are best decided by individual schools, response via my MP available on request.

It's there and if enough people would like to use this as a service how do we go about persuading government to run with it.


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MrsHamlet · 06/08/2021 15:53

We had some parents donate laptops last year - which was very kind but generated a lot of work for the IT techs.

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