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Primary activities that encourage social distancing

user1471605495 · 23/03/2020 22:01

Ideas please. How can we keep these children safe, happy and 2m away from us and each other. Eek!

Scavenger Hunt?

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sleepismysuperpower1 · 24/03/2020 10:12

put marks on the floor (outside or inside), 2 meters apart from each other and get each child to sit on a mark. get them to draw a picture to put on their door, saying thank you to delivery/postmen.

get each child to do a tree rubbing with chalk, on different trees. then use black pen to draw on top of the rubbings

lay out hula hoops in a line on the floor. get each child to hop into the next hoop, but there must be a hoop between themselves and the next dc, or they are out (same as if they fall out of the hoop)

musical statues but they have to stay within their individual circle that has been marked on the floor. the same with musical bumps. could also be done with the 'letter game'- teacher calls out a letter (eg: P) and the kids have to 'make a shape' with their bodies for that letter. if 2 kids have made the same shape (eg: 2 dc say they are parrots), then they are out and have to sit down on their mark.

all the best and thank you! (from a parent, not a teacher) :)

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