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New greyhound

xxxJess123xxx · 02/05/2020 23:53

Hi all, have had my retired greyhound home since Wednesday. She is doing absolutely fantastic. No accidents indoors so far and quiet all night.
She doesnt want to come in the front room though. I have a baby gate up at the kitchen and when she gets on her bed in there, I shut the gate so the children dont disturb her. I then open it to offer her to join us in the front room with me there to supervise. She does the same thing when the kids are in bed. Baby gate is open to the front room but she just doesnt want to come in.
she hasnt ventured out of the room yet! She seems perfectly happy sleeping all day on her bed in the kitchen.
Should i be encouraging her somehow to come in? Or just leave her be to settle and hopefully she will join us soon xx

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marblesgoing · 03/05/2020 04:37

Both of my greys did exactly the same as yours when I first got them.

Took a few weeks and all of a sudden they would slope in the front room of an evening and curl up on the rug.
That then led to them sofa surfing occasionally to basically owning both sofas while me and dc sit on the floor Grin

It's just re adjusting for them.
I remember my first grey wandering around the lounge and picking up random objects like coasters and once even a lamp and placing them on the rug.

The second grey used to come into the downstairs bathroom while I was in the shower and take my slippers and pjs one by one and place them in the lounge. Grin

It's all absolutely new to them as they've never lived in a domestic environment.
Once they realise the attention and cuddles they will receive they don't leave you alone trust me Grin

I call mine house giraffes Grin

They are the most soft affectionate and lazy dogs I've ever owned.
They have the funniest traits like jittering when excited or happy,reaching so they take up the entire length of a four seater sofa and mine love their cuddly toys and blankets. They like to be tucked in at night Grin

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Scattyhattie · 03/05/2020 03:40

I'd leave her to settle in and expect she'll gradually feel more confident to want to explore. One of my greyhounds barely ate in her first week so although settled ok as had another grey to follow, there was some underlying stress. Luckily she was a tubby hound having been retired from racing over a year & spoilt so did her no harm.

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