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New baby and 2 dogs

Bearbunch · 07/04/2020 16:27

Hi all

I am due with my first baby in September and have 2 dogs, we were due to get our house on the market and move to a bigger family home, with a utility room and more space for everybody. But with the current state of things that has been put on hold indefinitely, small chance it may still happen but doubtful with the impending due date!

We live in a standard 3 bed semi, kitchen and living room are connected by double doors which we currently have a gate across to keep the dogs in the kitchen at night time. (the doors are glass and we didn't want them getting stratched to pieces). We have a suitable yard / garden for them to be outside although they are dogs and can be very vocal. And the back door is sliding glass doors which they just jump at when they want in.

Anyway to the point 😂 we don't usually have many visitors and the dogs usually go mad jumping and excited when someone comes in, they do settle down a few minutes after. My concern is with the new baby and visitors wanting to come and see it, how will I deal with 2 mad dogs and is there anything I can be doing now to try help the situation. I cant even ask people to come over to try get them used to visitors obviously to the lockdown.

My thoughts are just make sure there's a supply of tasty bones / filled kongs to keep them amused and keep them out the back if we have visitors?

Usually I wouldn't be worried about this sort of thing but being at home 24/7 has me thinking of new things to be worried about.

Sorry that was a long one, thanks in advance!

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