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Could I have stumbled across how to stop Bella barking?

hiredandsqueak · 23/02/2020 13:38

Bella barks at anything or anybody that moves on our cul de sac. She also barks when she hears car doors in anticipation of something moving on the street and if she hears anyone move a bin in anticipation of the dustbin men coming on the street.
I put frosted film on the window by the front door and resorted to closing the blinds to lessen the barking but it hasn't been very successful if I'm honest.
I tried teaching her to bark so that I could teach her quiet but she is hard work and forgets quiet when in full on barking mode. I tried limiting her access to the front but she barks at noises anyway so again limited success.
Yesterday she was a pain in the backside because there was a lot of coming and going on the front. At one point when I had had enough I shut the door to the hall to leave her to bark and she shut up straightaway. I opened the door to let her back in once she was quiet and every time now I only have to appear to be closing the door and she shuts up and what is even better is rather than running barking to the front she huffs and stays where she is by my feet instead.
Could I really have solved this do you think?

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